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‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’-A PowerPoint presentation on ‘E-Book’!

Anyone (Resource Persons) interested (and capable) in writing e-book (not formal book), disseminating or selling those through us, Please contact us. We have prepared a power point presentation on E-book. Please click beside (FundForBangladesh-E-Book-Final)  to download. You can also download from here or from here or from here. Please note that, all the books should be […]

‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’-A PowerPoint presentation on our unique journey!

Quite often we were asked by different organizations or individuals about us. We believe that the following PowerPoint presentation will help those who want to know us more! Why we are unique? ● First (One and only) funding information site in Bangladesh; ● Over 1500 donor or funding opportunities added till date; ● Thousands of visitors from Bangladesh […]

Discover ‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’ with versatile categories of funding information!

Often this is difficult to find donors of your needs or by your special requirements. We have been trying here to categorise the funding/donor calls into versatile categories. Please bear in mind that we have tried to analyse each calls and categorised with them so that organisations (GO, NGO/INGO, Private Organisations, or Individuals) can find those […]

Advertise with Us!

This is really a difficult job to continue the effort of updating an informative site for long, say for years,  without generating revenue in a reasonable range. Since inception, we have been trying to update the site as soon as the donor opportunity reaches to our knowledge by investing our time, resources and skills. We […]

Wishing a very happy, prosperous and peaceful Eid Mubarok to all the people of the world!

Wishing a very happy, prosperous and peaceful Eid Mubarok to all the people of the world! পবিত্র ঈদ-উল-আজহা উপলক্ষ্যে পৃথিবীর প্রতিটি ধর্মপ্রাণ মানুষকে আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা ও ভালোবাসা। ঈদ মুবারক। Visit all Funding opportunities: Click to view Visit all funding categories:  Click to view Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh  

Wishing Bengali New Year greetings to all the people of all languages of all the nations of all the countries.

বোশেখ মীর মাহাফুজ আলম সৃষ্টি ছাড়া সর্বনাশা ঐ খেয়ালী ধেয়ে যায়, মেঘ গুর-গুর হাওয়া চুর-চুর বোশেখ এলো, এলো ভাই। দিন ফুরোলো, রাত ফুরোলো আর ফুরোলো মাস, নতুন বছর এসেই গেলো সাজো নতুন সাজ। সকল দেশের এবং সকল জাতীর সব ভাষা-ভাষী মানুষকে বাংলা নববর্ষের শুভেচ্ছা। শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪২৫। Wishing Bengali New Year greetings to all the […]

The Annual Report of 2017!

This is not a simple thing that a site started its journey to find fund with a particular focus on a particular country. Fund For Bangladesh (Fund For Bangladesh)  has taken the initiative to show the world that we can! Yes, Fund For Bangladesh had taken initiative and was able to take the courage to […]

Fund-Hope for Millions of people of Bangladesh

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