‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’-A PowerPoint presentation on ‘E-Book’!

Anyone (Resource Persons) interested (and capable) in writing e-book (not formal book), disseminating or selling those through us, Please contact us.

We have prepared a power point presentation on E-book. Please click beside (FundForBangladesh-E-Book-Final to download. You can also download from here or from here or from here.

Please note that, all the books should be in Bengali or English. In the case of writing a book in other languages (recognized by Bangladesh Govt., say, Chakma, Tripura etc.) should have an English or Bengali equivalent transcript. The e-book Should be related to NGOs, INGOs, Development organizations. We are giving few examples, though, the lists are not exhaustive-
List of E-Book Example - Final2

Organizational Management
● The Operations or management of Non-Govt. Organizations (NGOs) / International Non-Govt. Organizations (INGOs);
● Tips and Tricks of NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective Strategic Plan for NGOs/INGOs;
● Successful strategy of effective advocacy in Bangladesh;
● How to make NGO/INGOs effective in terms of the development perspective of Bangladesh;
● Women participation in the development process of Bangladesh; Orthe perspective of Gender equality in Bangladesh;
● Effective strategies for volunteering (Recruiting and Managing);
● The effective strategy of Project Implementation of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● The role of Management of NGOs/INGOs and the strategy to be successful;
● Successful ways to maintain solid relations with Govt. and other influential actors of the society (country);
● The recovery plan of NGOs/INGOs for transition period;
● Effective framework for urban development;
● The impact of development of NGOs/INGOs in rural areas of Bangladesh;
● How to start a NGO or INGO or Research Organization in Bangladesh;
● Laws and barriers for NGOs and INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Laws and barriers for different fields like Good Governance and Human Rights, WaSH, Housing, Education, Health, Micro-Finance, Disaster Preparedness, Livelihood, Climate Change, Urban and Rural Development etc. For NGOs and INGOs in Bangladesh;

Project Proposal Development
● Tips and tricks for brainstorming new ideas for development;
● Developing Log-frame (Logical Framework) and anatomy of its each component;
● Developing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and anatomy of its each component;
● How to write / design successful Project Proposal (PP), Concept Note (CN), LOI, RFP etc.;
● How to prepare effective budget;
● Anatomy of Project Proposal (PP), Concept Note (CN), LOI, RFP etc.;
● Step-by-step ways to prepare Log-frame (Logical Framework), M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation);
● Effective ways to conduct problem and objective (solution) analysis (Design and Diagram);
● Illustrating basics for developing Project Proposal (PP), Concept Note (CN), LOI, RFP etc.;
● Illustrating basics for preparing budget for donors, budget for organizations;

Development in Photography
● Development experiences (Photographic view included) in NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh (In the eye of Foreign Nationalsor Bangladeshi Nationals);
● Project Implementation experiences (Photographic view included) in NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh (In the eye of Bangladeshi Nationalsor Foreign Nationals);

Project Implementation
● Effective ways to conduct FGD, Different Assessments, Lesson Learnt Report, Case Studies in the perspective of Bangladesh;
● Different training manuals on different issues related to NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Manual of Design and Diagram for Housing, Shelter etc.;
● Effective procurement strategies of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Tips and tricks of planning and designing successful Implementation Plan;
● The ways of marketing products of NGOs/INGOs: on-job experience explained;

Donor Relations, Resource Development and Communications
● Ensuring effective relations with donors;
● Effective relation with different stakeholders including local Govt.;
● Tips and Tricks for winning project for big donors (eg. USAID, UKAID, DFID, DFAT, DANIDA, JAICA, UN Organizations, KOICA etc.);
● A guide to develop resources for NGOs/INGOs;
● Guideline to prepare HR Plan, Financial Plan, Office Management, and different policies of NGOs/INGOs;
● How to prepare FD-6, FC-1 etc. of NGOAB of Bangladesh Govt.;
● Tips and tricks for writing donor reports;
● Tips and tricks of analysing data provided by different stakeholders (Govt., Field data, UN data);
● Effective Communication Strategy of NGOs/INGOs;
● Successful ways to attract donors;
● Successful ways of documentation for NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective ways to explore Local and International donors;
● The strategy of influencing corporate donors;

● Effective ways to ensure transparent compliance for NGOs or INGOs;

● Effective ways to perform successful research;

● The Financial Management of NGOs/INGOs;
● Basics of Finance in terms of the operation of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;

Human Resources (HR) and Admin
● The Effective Human Resource (HR) Management for NGOs/INGOs;
● Tips and tricks for winning interview (Written and Viva) in NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Rights of NGO/INGO workers in terms of the law of Bangladesh Govt.
● Effective ways to handle issues of Admin of NGOs/INGOs;
● Handling security issues of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;

Information and Technology (IT)
● The Networking fundamentals of NGOs/INGOs;
● Tips and Tricks of NGOs/INGOs;
● The use of Computer (Software (SPSS, Outlook etc.), Applications (Desktop & Web), Network, Hardware etc.) in NGOs/INGOs;
● The use of Internet for NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) for NGOs/INGOs;
● How to write e-book for NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective ways to write email or communicating through other media of communication;
● Implementing successful Management Information System (MIS) in NGOs/INGOs;

The lists are specified just to flourish your ways of imagination. You can make your own choice to create your own Topics for the e-book. Please bear in mind that your text should be relevant to Bangladesh and supports the Development agendas of Govt. (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) or Vision-2021), UN (SDG) and Other Development concerns.

This is merely starting of thinking. We can discuss more about this. We will be discussing about our revenue sharing through formal/informal discussions.

Enjoy writing!
We will help you all along your journey!

Write Ebooks

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