Fund For Desh- the successor of Fund for Bangladesh, a place for progress, development and opportunities more!

Actually this is not a dream. This is a fact that we have been experiencing of skipping many potential funding calls (donor opportunities) in our site, ‘Fund For Bangladesh’ as they were not focusing on in our focus-‘Bangladesh. This is an injustice to those potential calls which were out of our lance. This is why and where behind the reason for bringing another site into existence. ‘Fund for Desh’ is on live with potential donor calls. Naturally, this is the site which will cover more funding / donor opportunities than the ‘Fund For Bangladesh’ does gradually.

Probably, we can’t cover all the donor calls due to time and resource constraints! But we will try to update the site with such opportunities that were intentionally left for country constraint. This means that this site will have a broader focus and canvas gradually.

At present, the site is ‘under construction’ mode. Though we have tried to update few opportunities in this site, we feel that this may take few more months to reach to its desired level how we want this to be or visualize to reach at!

But this site will have more than just what we have in ‘Fund for Bangladesh’, so as to say. The experience we have learned and the knowledge we have gained from ‘Fund for Bangladesh’ will be reflected in ‘Fund For Desh’.  The limitations we have in ‘Fund for Bangladesh’ will be tried to overcome in the new site as time passes by. So, ‘Fund For Desh’ will be our greater learning place, to be frank. In this regard, we are seeking kind attention, support, and patience from all concerns.

We want to keep our platform ‘neutral truly from all senses and corners as we does in the past.
We want all of your cooperation in our difficult journey all along ahead!

Thanks for being with us with ‘Fund for Bangladesh’ !!

Thanks for being with us with ‘Fund for Desh’ as well !!!

Contact No: To be updated soon

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