NGO Terms

This is sometimes required to find different terms of NGOs  / acronym for development practitioners. In this page, we have started giving some of those which will be updated gradually.

 ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution
 AIP: Agro-Inputs Project
 AOP: Annual Operation Plan
 ASRH: Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health
 ASST: Adolescent Skills for Successful Transition

 BCC: Behavior Change Communication
 BCR: Benefit Cost Ratio
 BFI: Bangladesh Firestarter Initiative
 BHHs: Beneficiaries HouseHolds
 BoP: Base of the Pyramid
BOQ: Bill of Quantity

● CBCPCs: Community Based Child Protection Committees
CBDP: Community Based Disaster Preparedness
 CBESP: Community Based Education Support Program
 CBO: Community Based Organization
 CCA: Climate Change Adaptation
 CEA: Community Engagement and Accountability
 CEHAT: Community Emergency Health Action Teams
 CFP: Call for Proposals
 CFRP: Climate Finance Readiness Programme
● CG: Consultative Group
CLTS: Community Led Total Sanitation
CMT: Crisis Management Team
CN: Concept Note
CNPs: Community Nutrition Promotors
 COB: Close of Business
 CPF: Country Programming Framework
 CPP: Cyclone Preparedness Programme
CRM: Complaint Response Mechanism
CSAs: Community Sales Agents
CSE: Comprehensive Sexuality Education
 CSO: Civil Society Organization
CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
CVE: Countering Violent Extremism
 CWC: Community WaSH Committee

● DCHR: Development of Children at High Risk
DIC: Drop in Centre
 DIP: Detail Implementation Plan
DQA: Data Quality Assessments
 DRR: Disaster Risk Reduction
 DRCP: Disaster Response Contingency Plan
 DTW: Deep Tube-Well
 DM: Disaster Management
 DMS: Data Management System

● EiE: Education and Emergency in Education
● EIRR: Economic Internal Rate of Return
 EOI: Expression of Interest
 EPRP: Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
 ERM: Enterprise Resource Management
● ERT: Emergency Response Team

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question
● FbF: Forecast Based Financing
 FGD: Focus Group Discussion
 FIRR: Financial Internal Rate of Return
FOA: Funding Opportunity Announcement
FOI: Freedom of Information
FP: Family Planning
FSL: Food Security & Livelihoods
 FY: Fiscal Year

 GAM: Grants Acquisition Management
 GBV: Gender Based Violence
 GCF: Green Climate Fund
 GIS: Geographical Information System
 GMT: Global Metrics Tool
 GO: Government Organization
 GoB: Government of Bangladesh
 GPS: Government Primary Schools
 GRC: Grievance Redress Committee
GSI: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

 HAP: Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
 HEA: Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs
 HRBA: Human Rights Based Approach
 HCFS: Health Care Financing Strategy
HEA: Humanitarian Emergency Affairs
 HFG: Health Finance and Governance
 HFP: Home Food Production
 HHs: Households
 HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HMIS: Health Management Information System


● ICS: International Citizen Service
IBT: Industry Based Training
ICT: Information and Communication Technology
IE: Impact Evaluation
IEC: Information, Education and Communication
IEC: Information and Education Campaign
IGA: Income Generating Activities
 INCA: Improving Nutrition through Community-based Approaches
 INGO: International NGO
IPs: Implementing Partners
 IRs: Intermediate Results
 ISC: Industry Skills Councils
ISI: Integrated Supervisory Instruments surveys
ISIs: Integrated Supervisory Instruments
 ISCG: Inter-Sector Coordination Group

 JVS: Joint Verification Survey
 JNA: Joint Needs Assessment
 JVT: Joint Verification Team

  KM: Knowledge Management

 LGI: Local Government Institution
 LNHA: Local and National Humanitarian Actors
 LOI: Letter of Intent
LSPs: Local Service Providers
● LTP: Leadership Training Program
LUS: Land Use survey
LVCD: Local Value Chain Development

MAMI: Management Of Acute Malnutrition In Infants
M&E: Monitoring and Evaluation
● MDG: Millennium Development Goal
MEAL: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
MEL: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
MER: Monitoring, Evaluation & Research
MERL: Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning
MHCP: Mental Health & Care Practices
 MHPSS: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
● MHB: Menstrual Hygiene Behavior
 MHM: Menstrual Hygiene Management
MIAG: Multi Institutional Advisory Groups
 MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
MRM: Monitoring and Results Measurement
MSD or M4P: Market Systems Development
● MSEs: Micro and Small Enterprises
● MTDC: Modified Total Direct Costs

NAWG: Needs Assessment Working Group
● NCDs: Non-Communicable Diseases
NDA: Non Disclosure Agreement
NDMT: National Disaster Management Team
NFIS: National Financial Inclusion Strategy
NFO: Notification of Funding Opportunity
NGO: Non-Government Organization
NICRA: Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
NOFO: Notice of Funding Opportunity
NPV: Net Present Value
NPOs: Non-Productive Output

ODF: Open Deification Free

P2P: People-to-People
PAC: Policy Advisory Committee
PAP: Project Affected Person
PAR: Prepared and Resilience Grant
PbR: Payment by Results
● PCN: Project Concept Note
PDEP: Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting
PDQ: Program Development and Quality
PEARL: Program Evidence, Advocacy, Research & Learning
PGI: Protection, Gender and Inclusion
PIG: Project Implementation Guideline
PIO: Public International Organization
PIP: Project Implementation Plan
PLA : Participatory Learning Action
PLWD: Peoples Living with Disabilities
PME: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
PMU: Project Management Unit
● PNGO: Partner NGO
POC: Point of Contact
PP: Project Proposal
PPP: Public-Private Partnership
PRA: Participatory Rural Appraisal
PRL: Program, Resource and Learning
 PSC: Psycho-Social Counseling
PSC: Project Steering Committee
PTPs: Private Training Providers
PVAT: Property Valuation Advisory Team
PVS: Property Valuation Survey
PWC: Policy Working Committee
PWD: Peoples with Disabilities
PYD: Positive Youth Development
QMS: Quality Management System

R4D: Results for Development
RD&D: Research & Development and Demonstrations
RDC: Rice and Diversified Crops
RFDMT: Regional Field Disaster Management Team
RFP: Request for Proposal
RFQ: Request for Quotes
RFA: Request for Applications
RHISRoutine Health Information System
RHSTEP: Reproductive Health Service Training and Education Program
RMG: Ready-Made Garments
RNA: Rapid Needs Assessment
RRAP: Risk Reduction Action Plan
RSOI: Request for Statements of Interest

SaFaL: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Linkages
SBC: Social and Behavioral Change
● SBCC: Social and Behavior Change Communication
SBCC: Social and Behavioral Change Communication
● SCM: Supply Chain Management
● SDG: Sustainable Development Goal
SEEP: Social and Economic Enhancement Programme
● SES: Socio-economic census survey
● SGBV: Sexual & Gender Based Violence
SHG: Self-Help group
● SNA: Social Network Analysis
SOP: Standard of Procedure
● SoPs: Standard Operating Procedures
● SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevent, Time-Bound
● SMC: School Management Committee
● SMEs: Small and medium-sized enterprises
● SMT: Senior Management Team
SRH: Sexual and Reproductive Health
SRHR: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
SRT: Search and Rescue Team
SSPS: Social Security Policy Support
● STI: Sexually transmitted infection
SUN: Sculling Up Nutrition
SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats

TA: Technical Assistance
● TA: Technical Approach
 TBD: To Be Determined
 TCSP: Training Consultancy Service Providers
TFD: Theater for Development
 THINC: Theories and Indicators of Change
 TNA: Training Need Assessment
 TOC: Theory of Change
 TOR: Terms of Reference
● TOT: Training of Trainers
● TP: Technical Program
● TRG: Training Resources Group
● TRY: Tap and Reposition Youth
TVET: Technical and Vocational Education and Training

● UBR: Unite for Body Rights
UDMC: Union Disaster Management Committee
UHC: Universal Health Coverage
UMNs: Undocumented Myanmar Nationals

● VAW: Violence Against Women
● VAWG: Violence Against Women and Girls
VBCA: Village Base Customer Acquisition
VDC: Village Development Committee
VDMC: Village Disaster Management Committee
VGD: Vulnerable Group Development
VGF: Vulnerable Group Feeding
VSM: Village Super Market

WaSH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
WatSan: Water and Sanitation
WCAC: Ward Community Action Committee
WDMC: Ward Disaster Management Committee
WEAI: Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index
● WfD: Workforce Development
WinS: WaSH in School

YFS: Youth Friendly Services
YO: Youth Organizers


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