NGO Terms

This is sometimes required to find different terms of NGOs for development practitioners. In this page, we have started giving some of those which will be updated gradually.

 ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution
 AIP: Agro-Inputs Project
 AOP: Annual Operation Plan
 ASRH: Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health
 ASST: Adolescent Skills for Successful Transition

 BCC: Behavior Change Communication
 BFI: Bangladesh Firestarter Initiative
 BHHs: Beneficiaries HouseHolds
 BoP: Base of the Pyramid

 CBESP: Community Based Education Support Program
 CBO: Community Based Organization
 CCA: Climate Change Adaptation
 CEHAT: Community Emergency Health Action Teams
 CFP: Call for Proposals
 CFRP: Climate Finance Readiness Programme
CN: Concept Note
CNPs: Community Nutrition Promotors
 COB: Close of Business
 CPF: Country Programming Framework
 CPP: Cyclone Preparedness Programme
CRM: Complaint Response Mechanism
CSAs: Community Sales Agents
 CSO: Civil Society Organization
 CWC: Community WaSH Committee

● DIC: Drop in Centre
 DIP: Detail Implementation Plan
 DRR: Disaster Risk Reduction
 DRCP: Disaster Response Contingency Plan
 DTW: Deep Tube-Well
 DM: Disaster Management
 DMS: Data Management System

 EOI: Expression of Interest
 EPRP: Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
 ERM: Enterprise Resource Management
● ERT: Emergency Response Team

● FAQ: Frequently Asked Question
 FGD: Focus Group Discussion
FOA: Funding Opportunity Announcement
FOI: Freedom of Information
FSL: Food Security & Livelihoods
 FY: Fiscal Year

 GAM: Grants Acquisition Management
 GBV: Gender Based Violence
 GCF: Green Climate Fund
 GIS: Geographical Information System
 GMT: Global Metrics Tool
 GO: Government Organization
 GoB: Government of Bangladesh
 GPS: Government Primary Schools
 GRC: Grievance Redress Committee

 HAP: Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
 HRBA: Human Rights Based Approach
 HCFS: Health Care Financing Strategy
 HFG: Health Finance and Governance
 HFP: Home Food Production
 HHs: Households

IBT: Industry Based Training
IEC: Information, Education and Communication
IEC: Information and Education Campaign
IGA: Income Generating Activities
 INCA: Improving Nutrition through Community-based Approaches
 INGO: International NGO
 IRs: Intermediate Results
 ISC: Industry Skills Councils
 ISCG: Inter-Sector Coordination Group

 JVS: Joint Verification Survey
 JNA: Joint Needs Assessment
 JVT: Joint Verification Team

  KM: Knowledge Management

 LGI: Local Government Institution
 LNHA: Local and National Humanitarian Actors
 LOI: Letter of Intent
LSPs: Local Service Providers
● LTP: Leadership Training Program
LUS: Land use survey
LVCD: Local Value Chain Development

M&E: Monitoring and Evaluation
MEAL: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
MEL: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
MER: Monitoring, Evaluation & Research
MERL: Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning
MHCP: Mental Health & Care Practices
 MHPSS: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
● MHB: Menstrual Hygiene Behavior
 MHM: Menstrual Hygiene Management
 MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
● MSEs: Micro and Small Enterprises
● MTDC: Modified Total Direct Costs

NAWG: Needs Assessment Working Group
NFIS: National Financial Inclusion Strategy
NGO: Non-Government Organization
NICRA: Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
NOFO: Notice of Funding Opportunity
NPOs: Non-Productive Output

ODF: Open Deification Free

P2P: People-to-People
PAC: Policy Advisory Committee
PAP: Project Affected Person
PAR: Prepared and Resilience Grant
● PCN: Project Concept Note
PEARL: Program Evidence, Advocacy, Research & Learning
PIO: Public International Organization
PIP: Project Implementation Plan
PLWD: Peoples Living with Disabilities
PME: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
● PNGO: Partner NGO
PP: Project Proposal
PRA: Participatory rural appraisal
 PSC: Psycho-social counseling
PTPs: Private Training Providers
PVAT: Property Valuation Advisory Team
PVS: Property Valuation Survey
PWC: Policy Working Committee
PWD: Peoples with Disabilities
PLWD: Peoples Living with Disabilities

QMS: Quality Management System

R4D: Results for Development
RDC: Rice and Diversified Crops
RFP: Request for Proposal
RFQ: Request for Quotes
RFA: Request for Applications
RNA: Rapid Needs Assessment
RRAP: Risk Reduction Action Plan
RSOI: Request for Statements of Interest

● SBC: social and behavioral change
SBCC: Social and Behavioral Change Communication
● SCM: Supply Chain Management
● SES: Socio-economic census survey
● SGBV: Sexual & Gender Based Violence
● SOP: Standard of Procedure
● SoPs: Standard Operating Procedures
● SMC: School Management Committee
● SMEs: Small and medium-sized enterprises
● SMT: Senior Management Team
SRHR: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
SRT: Search and Rescue Team
SSPS: Social Security Policy Support
SUN: Sculling Up Nutrition

● TA: Technical Assistance
● TA: Technical Approach
 TBD: To Be Determined
 TCSP: Training Consultancy Service Providers
 THINC: Theories and Indicators of Change
 TNA: Training Need Assessment
 TOC: Theory of Change
 TOR: Terms of Reference
● TOT: Training of Trainers
● TP: Technical Program
● TRG: Training Resources Group

UDMC: Union Disaster Management Committee
UHC: Universal Health Coverage
UMNs: Undocumented Myanmar Nationals

● VAW: Violence Against Women
● VAWG: Violence Against Women and Girls
VDC Village Development Committee
VDMC: Village Disaster Management Committee
VGD: Vulnerable Group Development
VGF: Vulnerable Group Feeding

WaSH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
WatSan: Water and Sanitation
WCAC: Ward Community Action Committee
WDMC: Ward Disaster Management committee
WinS: WaSH in School

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