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What does the word ‘Desh’ (Bengali: দেশ) Mean? More or less, many of us, aware of this word. Desh means a sovereign area where people are legislated to live on. We, as a creature of the almighty God (Allah, Bhagaban in whatever name we call upon), we are the resident of the land of God. Though we divided the world with boundaries with legislative power, has God any land or country?

In fact, this discussion can’t be ended-up if we want to prolong and argue. We don’t want to do so. The intention of bringing this discussion is to indicate the greatness of the word Desh, so as to say. Desh (Country) is such a word, such a powerful word which can’t be ignored, as the word freedom, independence does. The nation who has got the taste of ‘independence’ knows the taste of it-how sour to achieve this, how sweet it tastes once achieved!
The nations who lost their freedom to superior or intruders, know the suffering for failing to retain freedom. The nations who are fighting for this, know how difficult to achieve this! As a citizen of an independent nation, we also know that how many lives have to sacrifice, how many wealth have to ruin, how many women have to sacrifice their dignity to achieve this! Freedom is that much sweet and precious as much sacrifice we have to make to achieve and retain!

In whatever way, we describe, or we try to discuss, the word ‘Desh’ has great meaning, and greatest value. Without prolonging the discussion, we just want to say that we are choosing this word to extend our work from the platform ‘Fund For Bangladesh to ‘Fund For Desh so that our work will reach to all nations and people equally and just completely, being a citizen of the world!
This is wise to think that when we say, fund, it means, someone donates! When someone donates, we must have the gratitude to their contribution. When someone donates to others means that how much s/he is / they are sacrificing for others. Probably every donation or sacrifice has its own goal(s)! But, we must think, fund comes through sacrifices of individuals or organizations or countries. They deserve the ‘salute’ who preserve and circulate money for the well-being of others!

The persons who work behind as a ‘fund raiser’ know that how difficult to get the attention and positive ‘nod’ from the donors. This is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve funding from authentic donor(s). Many of us, probably know, we have to make a concept note (CN), for most of the cases, to get the primary consent to proceed with for getting funding. Once successful with this CN, organizations or individuals are asked to submit the Project Proposal (PP), detailing the CN from every possible ways in a guided (sometime in any format) format. If the donor further convinced with the details of PP and Budget, they will get the positive attention and final nod to get funding. The reason for bringing this, is, to remind all concerns that funding is not something that can be just asked for and achieved by! This is very hard work of high skilled individual(s) or a high skilled team (s) with high professional approach!
cropped-fund-for-desh-web-2So, the persons/ organizations/ states receives fund should have the great responsibility to execute the fund in a right way for which they committed to the donor(s). Manipulation in different way, corruption in any form with this money, is not expected, for sure.

In future, we, ‘Fund For Desh (FD)’, want to cross the limit of a country (Bangladesh). We want to work broader, for countries though the donor opportunities covered in ‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’ were not alone for Bangladesh, but for most of the cases, for other countries also. So, ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)’ is now more international, more Deshi (Bengali: দেশী), English: native) with ‘Fund For Desh (FD)’.

At the length, we want to repeat the lines of a famous Bengali song, to answer the initial question, What does the word ‘Desh’ (Bengali: দেশ) Means?  The famous Bengali song echoes that ‘Desh means, to me, a men (human being) standing beside another ((Bengali: আমার কাছে দেশ মানে এক লোকের পাশে অন্য লোক।))’.
Fund For Desh-Bottom-Picture-MainIf we want to describe us, we can describe by the words of a famous Bengali poet, Kazi Najrul Islam, that, ‘I am not for this country, for this society alone as I born in this country and in this society, I, am for all the people; for the all the nations (Bengali: আমি এই দেশে, এই সমাজে জন্মেছি বলেই শুধু এই দেশের, এই সমাজেরই নই, আমি সকল দেশের সকল মানুষের।)’

From now onwards, ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)’ is for all the people, for all the nations through ‘Fund For Desh (FD)’!  We will gradually update our site in the coming days.

Thank you all for being with us!

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