MISEREOR: Inviting Applications to provide assistance where the people and institutions on the ground have reached their own limits and thus require external support.

Donor Name: MISEREOR
Funding name: Misereor Fund

Funding brief:  For MISEREOR, each individual project is part of a larger task. In dialogue with partners in Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America joint visions and goals are developed so that social processes can be effectively supported. MISEREOR underpins these processes by facilitating exchange of experiences and networking, and by providing professional advisory and consultancy inputs on themes such as urban and rural development, human rights, health, peace and many more.

The partner organizations are closely accompanied by MISEREOR, and if required are also advised on management and organizational development issues.

MISEREOR receives donations and subsidies from public and Church funds for its project promotion activities. As MISEREOR is accountable to its funders and donors, we require the following information on the organizations and projects we are requested to support.

Furthermore, MISEREOR wishes to foster joint learning from outcome and impact oriented project implementation.

The information you provide should describe your project briefly but precisely; should the project be approved the information will serve as a basis for a project contract between your organization and MISEREOR that will be binding for further cooperation. The dialogue conducted during project implementation will refer to this initial information as a yardstick for joint assessment of the project’s progress – based on the logic of the following questions:
● Sections 1 – 2: Why should something be done, who for and who with?
● Section 3: What kind of change should be initiated, how should this change occur and how should it be achieved in a way that is verifiable?
● Section 4: How can sustainability of the work of the project be ensured?
● Section 5: What funds will be used, and how?

Deadline: Not Found

Funding details link: https://www.misereor.org/cooperation-service/

Funding limit: Not Found
Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found
Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: Interventions funded by MISEREOR must satisfy a number of basic conditions.
● They must be based on the subsidiarity principle, and must be both complementary and temporary.
● This means that MISEREOR will only provide assistance where the people and institutions on the ground have reached their own limits and thus require external support.
● MISEREOR will not permanently take on tasks that fall within the sphere of responsibility of the state; it will, however, remind governments that their actions must be pro-poor and serve the purpose of poverty reduction.
● And last of all the measures must be temporary. This is because the support provided should help enable the poor to lead self-determined lives, and should not create new dependencies.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
● Guideline: https://www.misereor.org/fileadmin//user_upload/misereor_org/Cooperation___Service/englisch/guidelines-for-the-submission-of-funding-requests.pdf
● Evaluations: https://www.misereor.org/fileadmin//user_upload/misereor_org/Cooperation___Service/englisch/information-document-evaluation-misereor.pdf
● Forms: https://www.misereor.org/cooperation-service/policies-guides-forms/

How to apply:
please complete the cover sheet overleaf and submit the information and documents required. These documents include the written statement by the local Catholic Church. These documents include the written statement by the local Catholic Church.


Visit all Funding opportunities: https://fundforbangladesh.wordpress.com/site-map/

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