Services offers the following professional services with minimum cost and maximum possible quality within Bangladesh.

NGO Sectors
●  International Registration : International Registration like Pador, DUNS, N-Cage, SAM etc. is essential and pre-requisite for applying fund for different renowned donors. This is a complicated and sometimes monotonous technical work. We offer to provide professional help in getting registration for organizations.

The Pador Registration: 
Pador Registration Link (The Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration):

Pador Off Line form:

The DUNS Registration:
DUNS Number online (The Data Universal Numbering System):

The SAM Registration:
SAM registration:

The N-CAGE Registration:

For Urgent Need :
Contact Hot line: +88-01717195151, Mail:

●  Theme Based Fund Searching for  NGOs in Bangladesh :
News of funds of different donors will be supplied on weekly or monthly basis as per contact. Thematic fund searching will also be ensured. Theme may be decided by both parties. eg. Award, Housing, WaSH, WatSan, Advocacy, Children, Disaster, Response and Rescue, Poverty reduction etc.

For Urgent Need :
Contact Hot line: +88-01717195151, Mail:

●  Project Proposal Writing for  NGOs in Bangladesh :
Project proposal (PP) is a way to attract the valued donors. Unprofessional PP causes the risk of failing to attract the donors. We offer professional PP with budget even within tight schedule.

For Urgent Need :
Contact Hot line: +88-01717195151, Mail:

●  Fund Searching:
Fund searching or Project searching is the process of  continuous work. Fund information will be made available with Professional approach.
Contact Hot line: +88-01717195151, Mail:

●  Donor Application Form Fill-up:
Most of the donors ask the project in their Application form available in their website. Misleading information given in the application form causes the rejection of the application.  with Professional approach. We offer best possible solution and guidelines with professional approaches.

Contact Hot line: +88-01717195151, Mail:

●  NGO Profile Writing:
A profile represents an organization to the donor or so. Even an organization work with reputation get negative response due to the improper Profile. Profile writing service is offered both in Bengali and English.
Contact Hot line: +88-01717195151, Mail:

●  Translation Service:
The following Translation service is offered.
●  Bengali to English
●  English to Bengali

Contact Hot line: +88-01717195151, Mail:

●  Others: Many more services will be offered in future based on need and mutual understanding with different parties / agencies.

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