FundForBangladesh is an online initiative since 2017. This site gives information about latest funding calls which includes Competition, Fellowship, Award, Prize, Partnership, Material Support, Seed Grant, Start-Up Grant, Investment, Loan, Scholarship, Small Grant (and many more) etc. applicable for Bangladesh and required by Development organizations (Profit and Non-profit, GO and NGO) working in Bangladesh for the welfare of the people of Bangladesh.

What is Fund?
In responding to the above question, Google says, ‘Fund means a sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose.’ Yes, Fund is something collected or saved by intensive die-heart effort of kind organizations or individuals or Govt of developed countries for the welfare of the countries in need. A country like Bangladesh or the people of Bangladesh like many in the developed and under developed countries, greatly, grateful to these donors. Even the fund-raiser of the developed countries raises money through small contribution of school kids or different innovative campaigns. On the other hand, money comes from developed countries also contributed by the tax payers of the developed countries. So, the money come through proper funding channel is bringing love, solidarity and responsibilities of donors worldwide.

How the fund channeled to the beneficiaries?
Most of the fund channeled to the end beneficiaries through GO (Government) or NGO (Non-Government) organizations. Very few channeled through individuals.

What to do or not to do?
In this decade, Bangladesh Govt and different development organizations are very much concerned about funding from extremist organizations which may / can be used for extremists. In this site, we will try to find some authentic donor organizations of the world.

Please note that we will try to extremely screening those calls beneficial for Bangladesh. But still we want to recommend that applicant (s) / applicant organization(s) use own screening with best judgment about applying and receiving fund. We will not take any responsibility for any consequences regarding fund. This is just an informative site, so as to say.

We will provide some additional resources which may be useful by different N/GO organizations.

Dedication: This site is dedicated to the persons who are dedicated with their day-night hard work and who are rarely acknowledged and became visible by others.

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