‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’-A PowerPoint presentation on ‘Advertise with Us!’

Advertise with Us! and Why Advertise with Us!!

We have prepared a Power Point Presentation on why ‘Advertise with Us!‘. Please click beside (FundForBangladesh-Advertise with Us! to download. You can also download from here or from here or from here.

Why advertise with us?
● First (One and only) funding information site in Bangladesh;
● Over 1500 donor or funding opportunities added till date;
● Thousands of visitors from Bangladesh in each month since inception;
● Thousands of visitors from All Over the World (Including US, UK, India, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, South Korea, European Union (EU) etc.) in each month;
● Connected with hundreds of top executives, organisation head and many more resource person of Bangladesh and abroad through FaceBook page;
● Regular update over 3 years; and
● We value you;

Initial Relation Build-up Offer:
For building initial relationship, we are offering ‘Extra time period’ as ‘Free’.

Extra time period for 7 days: This means that you are paying for 7 days, but actually you are getting the scope for publishing your advertisement for 15 days.
Extra time period for 15 days: This means that you are paying for 15 days, but actually you are getting the scope for publishing your advertisement for 30 days.

All of these mean that our initial relation with you starts with 50% discount.

If you are agreed on this, we can publish the advertisement in our FaceBook page as well. Our Facebook page connects hundreds of top executivesorganisation head
and many more resource person of Bangladesh and abroad.

This is indeed ‘Free’, so as to say.

Advertisement Positions:
At present, we make available four different kinds of advertisement scopes (of places). They are as the following-
1. In each Post of the site
(a) Bottom of the feature or top post of Home Page
(b) Top of all posts
(c) Middle of all posts
(d) Bottom of all remaining post

2. In each Page of the site 
(a) Bottom of the Home Page
(b) Top of all pages
(c) Middle of all pages
(d) Bottom of all pages

3. In Right side panel of the site

4. Advertisement Post

Facilities of Advertisement Post:
● You can either use our ‘Brief Summary’ Format (Word, PDF Or Word-General PDF-General) or your own format.
● You can use your own icon which will be displayed in the home page.
● You can attach relevant docs (Guideline, Application Format, Budget Template etc.) as an attachment for reasonable size (MB).
● You can use your/organizational colorful picture (decent).
● You can get better visibility and organizational branding.

Note: Apart from all above (1 to 4), you can showcase (present) your organisations or achievements or activities of your journey in our website with ‘Paid Post’ or ‘Paid Page’.

FundForBangladesh-Advertise with Us! - PowerPoint Presentation Logo-1

You can find the details of the advertisement positions, advertisement rate is in our Advertise with us!’ and Advertise Publication‘ page.

In this opportunity, we want to thank everyone for supporting from different dimensions so far and we want to thank to all of you for your continued support in the days ahead! Thank you!

Contact: FundForBangladeshAdd@gmail.comFundForBangladesh@gmail.com

FundForBangladesh-BorderDownload the presentation (Beside here): FundForBangladesh-Advertise with Us! – Full and Final

Or From the following link (Powerpoint Presentation):

FundForBangladesh-BorderVisit all Funding opportunities: Click to view
Visit all funding categories:  Click to view

Advertise with us: Click to view
 or Click to view

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh



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