‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’-A PowerPoint presentation on ‘A Project Proposal (PP) Unleashed on ‘Improving Living Condition of Children with Autism / Disability / Down Syndrome”!

We have prepared a Power Point Presentation on one of our ‘Project Proposal (PP)‘. Please click beside (FundForBangladesh-ProjectProposal-Autism-Final to download. You can also download from here or from here or from here.

Project Proposal Theme: Improving Living Condition of Children with Autism / Disability / Down Syndrome;
Target Beneficiary: Children and their Parent and the Community
Budget Limit:
 BDT 2 Crore (20 Million) to 5 Crore (50 Million)
 USD 235,294 (117,647 x 2) to USD 588235 (117,647 x 5)
(Note: 1 USD = BDT 85)
Project Duration: 1 Year to 3 Years (Max. 5 Years)
Applicable for: NGOs / INGOs / Development Organizations / Private Organizations  / Govt. Institutions etc.
Project Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh
Language: English and Bengali

Price: Negotiable

Package Includes:
 Budget (1 Year to 3 Years (Max. 5 Years))
 Project Implementation Plan (PIP)
 HR Plan etc.

Special Notes: All the Project Proposal (PPs), Concept Note (CNs), Letter of Intent (LOIs)  are customizable based on the need and necessity of the organization(s). Price will be varied based on the customization requirement.FundForBangladesh-PowerPoint Presentation-Autism
In this opportunity, we want to thank everyone for supporting from different dimensions so far and we want to thank to all of you for your continued support in the days ahead! Thank you!!

Please explore our ‘Project Proposal PaidPage (Click here) for more proposal ‘brief‘ and upcoming Project Proposal (PP) and Concept Note (CN). Keep visiting!

Please mail to us for the price.

Contact: FundForBangladeshAdd@gmail.comFundForBangladesh@gmail.comFundForBangladesh-BorderDownload the presentation (Beside here): FundForBangladesh-ProjectProposal-Autism-Final

Or From the following link (Powerpoint Presentation):

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