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The Prince Claus Fund: Inviting applications for ‘2018 Network Partnership Grant’ to create a sustainable international network of strong and relevant cultural/arts organizations that enables structural stability for the organizations themselves.

Funding brief: The Prince Claus Fund is now accepting applications for the Network Partnership Grant from cultural organizations operating in Africa (Please note that only countries from these regions listed in the DAC List will be eligible to apply for this grant). The Fund and its Partners work together from the conceptualization of the partnership […]

The Prince Claus Fund and the British Council: Inviting applications for the funding theme-‘Contemporary Take, Beyond Cultural Heritage ’to engage young people with cultural heritage in South Asia through arts and new media.

Funding brief: The Prince Claus Fund and the British Council announce a new joint Call for Proposals: Contemporary Take, Beyond Cultural Heritage. They believe that both heritage and arts have the potential to create dialogue between communities and foster mutual understanding, and that new media opens up further opportunities for such dialogues to become inclusive […]