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Fund For Desh, A place for progress, development and opportunities further!

What does the word ‘Desh’ (Bengali: দেশ) Mean? More or less, many of us, aware of this word. Desh means a sovereign area where people are legislated to live on. We, as a creature of the almighty God (Allah, Bhagaban in whatever name we call upon), we are the resident of the land of God. […]

Fund For Desh- the successor of Fund for Bangladesh, a place for progress, development and opportunities more!

Actually this is not a dream. This is a fact that we have been experiencing of skipping many potential funding calls (donor opportunities) in our site, ‘Fund For Bangladesh’ as they were not focusing on in our focus-‘Bangladesh’. This is an injustice to those potential calls which were out of our lance. This is why […]

The Largest Collection of Funding Information of 2020 and beyond is available on ‘Fund For Bangladesh’

The largest and richest collection of funding information of 2020 and beyond is available on ‘Fund For Bangladesh‘. You can easily scroll down and click on the below link to access all the briefs of the funding information. We would be glad if the following information helps and eases your effort in searching potential donors. […]

The Fund for Bangladesh (FB)-A Journey from 2017 to 2020 and beyond!

The Fund for Bangladesh (FB) is an online initiative. This site has started its journey since 21st, February, 2017, International Mother Language day. This site has been trying to keep eyes on the donor trends, funding opportunities of all over the world. Since inception, they have analysed hundreds of funding opportunities of home and abroad. This site gives information […]

The Annual Report of 2019!

The Annual Report of 2019 will be published at soonest. Visit all Funding opportunities: Click to view Visit all funding categories:  Click to view Advertise with us: Click to view or Click to view Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh