UNDP: Inviting applications for ‘Diversity Fund’ to support to CSOs/NGOs/CBOs and their Coalitions for promoting tolerant and inclusive society in Bangladesh (PTIB).

Funding brief: The diversity fund support to CSOs/CBOs/NGOs and/or their coalitions is an initiative of Parterships for a Tolerant and Inclusive Bangladesh (PTIB) to foster innovative  actions to promote tolerance and inclusivity under CSOs/NGOs/CBOs at grassroots/district/national level with limited magament capacity. The actions will specially focus on solidarity with vulnerable groups/communities, particularly minorities, youth and women focusing SDG goal 16. The size of funding will be in two LOTs (LOT-1: less than BDT 840,000  and LOT-2: between BDT 840,000 – BDT 1,680,000). CSOs/CBOs/NGOs (not excluding on registration status) can apply individually or in coalition and one CSO/CBO/NGO/coalition can only apply in one LOT. The diversity fund will give special reference to CSO/NGO/CBOs coalitions under the LOT-2.

The United Nations Development Program Bangladesh (UNDP) “Partnerships for a Tolerant, Inclusive Bangladesh” (PTIB) project promotes diverse and constructive narratives already present in the country in support of tolerance. UNDP aims to build a better understanding of the challenges to peaceful narratives face in Bangladesh and helps Bangladeshis develop platforms and media for disseminating their ideas to promote peace, tolerance, and inclusivity.

UNDP partners with youth groups, interfaith activists, the private sector, civil society organizations, multinational companies (including Facebook), government agencies and international donors to maximize the capacity and appeal of local organizations that support peaceful development. PTIB through the diversity fund will support CSOs/NGOs/CBOs and coalitions to undertake activities that showcase diversity of Bangladesh. The fund will have a particular focus on working with vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women and girls, youth, and ethnic and religious minorities. These vulnerable groups are often targets of violence and discrimination that is triggered by deliberate online and offline incitement. Activities should therefore strengthen solidarity with vulnerable groups and help reflect Bangladesh’s strong, diverse, and inclusive culture with a view to build resilience against incitement of violence.

The Purpose of the EOI
The purpose of this EOI is to solicit applications and establish partnerships with CSOs/CBOs/NGOs cioalitions to enhance capacity and engagement of CSOs/CBOs/NGOs and/or their coalitions in promoting tolerance and inclusivity in Bangladesh. The EOI is open to Bangladeshi CSOs/CBOs/NGOs and/or their coalitions, working at grassroots/national level to work together on promotion of tolerance and inclusivity in line with SDG goal 16.

Thematic issues:
The EOI will predominantly focus on the follow thematic areas:

SL Thematic issues Narratives Applicable to
1 Promotion of tolerance and cultural diveristy in the society Increase awareness on the rich history and diverse cultural fabric of Bangladesh society and the wider region through inspiring events CSOs/NGOs/CBOs as individual organization and/or their coalition


2 Peaceful coexistence of diverse ethnic and religious communities Ensure peaceful coexientence of ethnic and religious communities by engaing people in cultural, sports and/or other innovative events
3 Develop a minority and gender sensible society Enhance capacity of CSOs/CBOs, peace leaders and local media  working on minority and gender issues

CSO/CBO/NGO and/or their coalition can apply in one LOT only, and will focus on one of the three thematic areas.

Expected Outputs
The EOI is expected that as immediate outputs, the CSO/NGOs/CBOs and/ or their Coalitions working at grassroots/national level will:
Have greater opportunity to enhance capacity of the CSOs/NGOs/CBOs and coalitions;
Have an opportunity to work together on some common and innovative actions under specific thematic areas;
Have opportunity to be engaged in promotion of tolerance and inclusivity actions;
Establish a stronger coordination among organizations in response to incitement of violence.

Geographic Locations:
Diversity Fund Support will not be restricted to certain geographic areas, though areas with history of inter-communal and inter-religous violence will be given priority.  Applicants are therefore asked to indicate the areas in which they work (eg. nation-wide or locally, specifying targeted District, Upazila, name of the Unions, etc).

Reference Number: 60000
EOI number: PTIB-2019-001

Donor Name: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Funding name: Diversity Fund

Deadline: Expression of interest and other relevant document must be submitted by 31st, October, 2019.

Funding details link: Click to view

Funding limit:Applied for LOT: (one CSO/CBO/NGO/coalition can only apply in one LOT)

LOT 1 Below BDT 840,000
LOT 2 Between BDT 840,000 – BDT 1680,000

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: Maximum for 1 year

Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: CSOs, NGOs CBOs and coalitions must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply:
Hold a valid legal/formal registration/license/document;
Have working experience on specific thematic issue/s, particularly experience working with minorities, youth, and women;
Have valid evidence of transparent and accountable financial management systems;
For coalition, have valid evidence of formation of the CSOs/NGOs/CBOs coalition (i.e. signed MoU among CSOs/NGOs/CBOs under the coalition);
Have a proven track record in promoting tolerance and inclusivity;

Eligible Country: Bangladesh

Submission mail: ptibinfo.bd@undp.org

Other important link:
● Guideline: Click to view
Proposal Form (Form): English (Click to view) and Bengali (Click to view)
About: Click to view
FAQ: Click to view

How to apply: The interested CSO/NGO/CBO and/or their coalition at grassroots/national level are requested to submit a Concept Note (max 5 pages) in line with format (Annex, either English or Bangla), Organizational Profile and  valid legal/formal registration/license/document with a signed application letter and supporting documents attached. The potential CSO/NGO/CBO and/or their coalition can submit their application via sending e-mail to: ptibinfo.bd@undp.org (with subject: Expression of Interest Application” and name of the LOT) or via mail. In case of mail following document have to sent with:
– A hard copy of proposal (max 5 pages of Concept Note, in English/Bangla, inclusing all supporting documents such as- Organization profile; registration document, if applicable); and
– Soft copy of proposal (including scaned version of all supporting documents with a CD).
The letter of submission should clearly indicate as the subject: “Expression of Interest Application” and name of the LOT  to: Partnerships for a Tolerant and Inclusive Bangladesh (PTIB), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Bangladesh, UN offices, IDB Bhaban, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207
The application and concept note can be typed in either English or Bangla in 12 font size. Please send only the completed application form and all supporting documents as attachmentsFundForBangladesh-BorderVisit all Funding opportunities: Click to view
Visit all funding categories:  Click to view

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