Asian Cultural Council (ACC): Inviting applications for ‘grants’ to support international travel and cultural exchange between Asia and the U.S., and among the countries of Asia.

Funding brief: The Asian Cultural Council makes grants to support international travel and cultural exchange between Asia and the U.S., and among the countries of Asia. The large majority of grants are awarded directly to individual artists, scholars, and arts specialists. Organizations that will facilitate a cultural exchange opportunity for artists, scholars, or arts specialists may also apply on behalf of the individual project participants.

Toward the mission of advancing understanding through cultural exchange, ACC’s first priority in all grant areas is to support activities that involve cultural immersion; meaningful cross-cultural engagement; and relationship building, collaboration, or exchange of best practices among peers. Therefore, most of the proposals that receive funding are focused on process rather than production. Examples of process-focused activities are research, study, and exploration. By contrast, proposals for touring, performance, exhibition, or any activity focused on the production of work or audience-driven outcomes are not a priority and will only be considered where there is an exceptional contribution to furthering international understanding.

In addition to funding, ACC offers logistical and programmatic support to its grant recipients. The level of support varies by grant type and destination country, and is tailored to each individual. It may include recommendations of sites to visit or activities to participate in; personal introductions to relevant contacts in the field; and J-1 visa sponsorship for individuals traveling to the U.S.

Donor Name: Asian Cultural Council (ACC)
Funding name: No specific fund name

Deadline for applications from individuals/ Deadline for letters of inquiry from organizations-7th, November, 2019 by 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Deadline for letters of recommendation (individual applicants)- November, 21st, 2019 
Full applications: December, 9th, 2019

Funding details link: Click to view

Funding limit:
There is no fixed range for individual grants. Because some destination countries are more expensive than others, and grants vary greatly in the duration of travel supported, amounts also vary accordingly.

For the New York Fellowship Program, a standard budget calculation is used that is intended to cover all expenses. For other grants, ACC generally tries to commit enough funding that a project can take place, though grant awards may be lower than the amount requested. Apart from the New York Fellowship Program, candidates applying for travel longer than 4 months are advised to seek additional sources of support.

If the submitted budget is too small for the scope of the project described, it might appear that you have not done enough research and are not qualified to carry out the project. Your budget should be a realistic estimate of the project costs based on research and your best judgement. If your application is successful, ACC staff may advise you on the final budget or apply standard formulas.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: June, 1st, 2020

Project duration: June, 1st, 2020 – May, 31st, 2021

Eligible organization: As below

Professional artists, arts administrators, scholars, graduate/post-graduate students, and organizations working in the following fields: Archaeology, Crafts, Museum Studies, Architecture*, Curation, Music, Art History, Dance, Theater, Arts Administration, Ethnomusicology, Visual Art, Arts, Criticism, Film/Video/Photography, Conservation, Literature**

*Architecture: for proposals that emphasize design, aesthetic theory, and/or aesthetic history only. Projects with an economic, social, scientific, or technological focus are not eligible.

**Literature: for proposals involving travel to/from Japan only.

Expenses and activities NOT supported by ACC funding:
Activities conducted by individuals in their home countries
Commercial and industrial design
Commercial activity of any kind
Production costs (including film, video, touring, etc.)
Artist exhibitions and performance tours
Arts in education
Undergraduate and secondary school study
Tuition (ACC can help cover living and travel expenses for graduate/post-graduate students only)
Activities beginning before or after the funding period

Eligible Country: Individual applicants must be either residents or citizens of one of the following countries/regions, and their proposed program must involve travel between one or more countries/regions on the list. Organization and project applicants may apply for activities involving travel between one or more countries/regions on the list.

Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Bhutan,             Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Sri Lanka, Cambodia,   Macau SAR, Taiwan,  China, Malaysia, Thailand, East Timor, Mongolia, Vietnam, Hong Kong SAR, Myanmar, United States, India, Nepal

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
● Apply: Click to view
● Guideline: Click to view
About: Click to view
FAQ: Click to view

How to apply: Interested applicant may apply through the website (Click to view).

Fellowship and Graduate Scholarship applicants will be asked to complete the following:
Eligibility Form: Answer general questions about your proposal to make sure you are eligible to apply.
Application Form: Provide contact details, information about your background and qualifications, a project proposal, a project budget, and other related information.
Work Samples (optional but recommended): Submit samples (generally images, video, or text) of your past work, with brief descriptions of each.
Letters of Recommendation: Give the names and email addresses of two recommenders. Recommenders will receive instructions from ACC about how to submit their letters of recommendation online. Applicants are strongly advised to contact recommenders before they begin receiving automated communications from ACC.

Organization and project applicants will be asked to complete the following:
Eligibility Form: Answer general questions about your proposal to make sure it is eligible for consideration.
Letter of Inquiry (LOI): A letter summarizing the proposed project.

ACC will review the LOI and inform you on December 9, 2019 if you have been invited to submit a full application. The application will be due January 9, 2020 and will consist of:
Application Form: Provide contact details, organizational background, information about the participating artists, a project proposal, and a budget.
Work Samples: Submit work samples for the participating artists for whom you are seeking ACC support. Submit up to 15 images and/or up to 3 videos, with brief descriptions of each. Artist statements or other written materials may also be submitted.FundForBangladesh-BorderVisit all Funding opportunities: Click to view
Visit all funding categories:  Click to view

Advertise with us: Click to view or Click to view

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh


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