UN Women: Inviting applications for ‘Call for Proposals: Responsible Party to implement “Empowering Rohingya refugee and host community women through leadership and livelihoods” Project’.

Funding brief: UN Women in Bangladesh is supporting the Government of Bangladesh with the Rohingya humanitarian crisis response. UN Women has developed a humanitarian response programme in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs to meet the specific needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized Rohingya Refugee Women and Girls and the women and girls in the host communities affected by the refugee influx in Cox’s Bazar.

The project also drawing on the key elements of UN Women’s global flagship programme on Women’s Leadership, Empowerment, Access & Protection in Crisis Response (LEAP) initiative, the project enhances access of women to learning opportunities, livelihoods and income generating activities through a three-pronged approach of leadership, learning and livelihoods and better service delivery. It also contributed to Bangladesh UNDAF 2017-2021 Outcome No 2: Develop and implement improved social policies and programmes that focus on good governance, reduction of structural inequalities and advancement of vulnerable individuals and groups, and UN Women’s Global Strategic Plan Output 14 which is mirrored in UN Women Bangladesh Strategic Note 2017-2021 as Output 4.4 More women play a greater role and are better served by humanitarian response and recovery efforts.

The project is in line with the Rohingya Joint Response Plan for Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis 2019:
Strategic Objective:1 Collectively deliver protection to refugee women, men, girls and boys; Empower individuals and communities; and ensure that all aspects of the response contribute to an enabling environment for the rights and well-being of affected populations.
Strategic Objective:3 Foster social cohesion. Stabilize and sustain the response in close collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, by ensuring equitable access to quality resources and services for affected populations, building resilience and strengthening capacities.

UN Women thus looking for responsible party to contribute to empowering Rohingya refugee and host community women through leadership and livelihoods.

Selected responsible party is expecting to develop and implement initiatives that deliver the following results.

Output 1: Rohingya refugee and host community women & girls in have access to life saving information, services, awareness raising and empowerment activities through 3 UN Women’s Multi-Purpose Women Centers
Output 2:  Women have increased capacity and skills to participate in community management and decision-making, in an enabling environment, and are linked with host community women, promoting social cohesion
Output 3: Capacities, skills and livelihood opportunities of women and adolescent girls developed to enhance their self-reliance through trainings provided in 3 UN Women’s Multi-Purpose Women Centers

Call for Proposal (CFP) No.: UN Women Bangladesh/CxB/2019/04

Program/Project: Means to lead: Empowering Rohingya refugee and host community women through leadership, learning and livelihoods

Donor Name: UN Women
Funding name: No specific fund name

Deadline: Proposals must be received by UNWOMEN at the address specified not later than (time) 23.59 pm. on (date) 11th, August, 2019.

Extended– UNWOMEN plans to engage a Responsible Party as defined in accordance with these documents. UNWOMEN now invites sealed proposals from qualified proponents for providing the requirements as defined in the UNWOMEN Terms of Reference. Proposals must be received by UNWOMEN at the address specified not later than (time) 23.59 pm. on (date) 25th, August, 2019.

Funding details link: Click to view

Funding limit: Not found

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: September 2019

Project duration: The project will commence upon signing the contract and expected to be accomplished by December 2021. Submit proposal for the period September 2019 to December 2021.

Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: Proponents must meet all mandatory requirements/pre-qualification criteria as set out in Annex. See section 10 below for further explanation. Proponents will receive a pass/fail rating on this section. To be considered, proponents must meet all the mandatory criteria described in Annex. UN WOMEN reserves the right to verify any information contained in proponent’s response or to request additional information after the proposal is received. Incomplete or inadequate responses, lack of response or misrepresentation in responding to any questions will result in disqualification.

Eligible Country: Bangladesh

Submission mail: BCO.procurement@unwomen.org

Other important link:
● Guideline: Click to view
● About: Click to view

How to apply: Proposals should be sent by email to the following secure email address: BCO.procurement@unwomen.org

● Technical and financial proposals should be submitted simultaneously but in separate emails or separate email attachments with the CFP reference and the clear description of the proposal (technical or financial) by the date and time stipulated in this document. If the emails and email attachments are not marked as instructed, UNWOMEN will assume no responsibility for the misplacement or premature opening of the proposals submitted.

● Both email text bodies should indicate the name and address of the proponent and the description of the proposal (technical or financial). The technical email should not contain any pricing information; nor should the financial email contain any components of the technical proposal.

● Technical proposals should be submitted in one (1) email accompanied by the forms prescribed in this CFP, clearly marked as technical proposal – the email subject line and corresponding attachment should read:
CFP No. CxB/2019/04– (name of proponent) – TECHNICAL PROPOSAL

● Financial proposals should be submitted in one (1) email with the email subject line and corresponding email attachment reading as follows:CFP No. CxB/2019/04– (name of proponent) – FINANCIAL PROPOSAL All proposals should be sent by email to the following secure email address.

● The other document required for the proposal like policy, manual etc shall be submitted preferably as email attachment. If not possible then send in sealed envelope to: Hotel Probal, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh on or before 11 August 2019

● Language of proposal
The proposal prepared by the proponent and all correspondence and documents relating to the proposal exchanged between the proponent and UNWOMEN, shall be written in English.

Supporting documents and printed literature furnished by the proponent may be in another language provided they are accompanied by an appropriate translation of all relevant passages in English. In any such case, for interpretation of the proposal, the translation shall prevail. The sole responsibility for translation and the accuracy thereof shall rest with the proponent.

● All prices shall be quoted in (currency) BDT

This UNWOMEN Call for Proposals consists of four sections and a series of annexes that will be completed by proponents and returned with their proposal:
● CFP section 1: CFP letter (this document)
● CFP section 2: Proposal data sheet
● CFP section 3: Instructions to proponents
● CFP section 4: UNWOMEN Terms of Reference CFP forms to be returned (mandatory):
 Annex 1-Proposal/no proposal confirmation form
 Annex 2-Mandatory requirements/pre-qualification criteria
 Annex 3-Technical proposal submission form
 Annex 4- Financial proposal submission form
 Annex 5-Resumes of proposed team members
 Annex 6-Capacity Assessment Checklist

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