Pro Natura Foundation Japan (PNFJ): Inviting applications for ‘Pro Natura Fund’ to support investigations and researches, as well as education and awareness raising activities for wildlife protection or ecosystem conservation, in areas other than Japan.

Funding brief: “PRO NATURA FUND” is a conservation grant programme managed by Pro Natura Foundation Japan (PNFJ).

The mission of this programme is to conserve nature by supporting scientific researches and activities in areas other than Japan, especially in developing countries.

They welcome your application for the fiscal year 2019 (October 2019 – September 2020) that fulfills requirements on the application procedures.

This overseas grant program supports investigations and researches, as well as education and awareness raising activities for wildlife protection or ecosystem conservation, in areas other than Japan. Adopted projects need to contribute to local nature conservation.

Projects that are qualified to be granted by Pro Natura Fund include:
1) Research projects such as;
– Biological, ecological and geomorphological basic investigations and studies aiming at local nature conservation.
– Studies on appropriate management and conservation of the environment of land areas such as forests, and aquatic areas such as tidal flats, seaweed beds and estuaries.
– Investigations and studies on endangered animal and plant species.
– Investigations and studies on alien species (including domestic invasive species).
– Investigations and studies that aim to solve ongoing nature conservation problems.
– Development of research methods that contributes to solve nature conservation problems.

2) Activity projects such as;
– Protection of wild animal and plant species, ecosystems, geological features or hydrological environment.
– Promotion of conservational and environmental education, and awareness raising of nature conservation thought.
– Publication/production of booklets, books and video contents that address nature conservation.
– Hosting of symposium, seminars or events that address nature conservation.

3) A combination of 1) and 2).

All projects to be granted must fulfil the following requirements:
1) The research and/or activity should contribute to conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the local area.
2) Outcomes of the project should be published effectively in the countries concerned, and should not bring any benefit or disadvantage to specific political parties, religions, races, tribes, social hierarchies, etc.
3) Project results should not be used to secure profits for commercial purposes.
4) Projects that are part of activities of particular political parties, religions etc. are not applicable.
5) Projects that are commissioned by other organizations are not applicable.
6) Accounting procedures must be properly carried out and accurately reported to the secretariat of PNFJ.
7) The grantee must respond quickly when PNFJ asked about the status of project implementation.
8) Project proposals should not be made simultaneously to any other organization in Japan.

Role of japanese member(s):
A Japanese member is essential to help communications between the project group and PNFJ.
The Japanese member must be a person who is capable of making contact with the project group and the secretariat in any circumstances, even when the project became no longer continuable due to unpredictable accidents such as political turmoils.

Obligations of the Japanese member:
1) To translate an application form and send it to the secretariat of PNFJ.
2) To translate an interim report, to make comments on the report from an expert point of view, and to submit it to the secretariat of PNFJ.
3) To translate the summary of a final report, and to submit it to the secretariat of PNFJ.
4) To make sure the final report and the account report to be made properly.
5) To check contents of the final report and to make corrections if necessary.
6) To attend a meeting for presentation of outcomes, which will be held in late November or early December 2020 in Tokyo.

Donor Name: Pro Natura Foundation Japan (PNFJ)
Funding name: Pro Natura Fund

Deadline: 12th, July, 2019 at 12:00pm

Funding details link: Click to view

Funding limit: The maximum limit of grant per project is 1,500,000 YEN. The total amount of remittance is likely to change depending on the current exchange rate.

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: Any project plan should be for a single year (1st, October, 2019 – 30th, September, 2020).

Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: The grant is applicable for groups only. The applicant group needs to fulfil the following criteria:
1) The applicant group must be capable of carrying out researches and/or conservation activities in a local field.
2) The applicant group should have an excellent achievement in researches and/or activities that contribute to nature conservation in the area concerned.
3) The applicant group must include a project leader, a sub-leader, and an accountant.
4) The representative applicant (project leader) should live in the country where the project will be implemented, and should have a deep understanding of the field and the community in the area. A person living in Japan can be a group member, but cannot be the representative applicant.
5) The applicant group must include at least one Japanese member, who knows the group members well, understands the details of the project, and is capable of being a liaison between the group and PNFJ. The Japanese member needs not necessarily to be a resident in the country or the region concerned.
6) Groups that are currently granted can also apply to the 30th term. However, simple continuation of the current project plan is not allowed. Even when the project deals with the same animals and plants or places, it needs to propose new analytic methods or problem-solving measures. The continued project will be selected in the same way as other new projects.
7) Councillors, directors and members of selection committees of PNFJ are not allowed to apply

Eligible Country: No Country Bar Found (Open to all regions)

Special Note:
(1) All the application documents should be sent via Japanese member.
(2) Delayed applications are not considered for the selection.
(3) Additional sheets or additional materials to the application form are not accepted.
(4) Confirmation e-mail will be sent after reception of the application documents. Please kindly contact us if the e-mail did not arrive. (5) All individual information on the application documents will be appropriately protected and managed under the individual information protection policy of PNFJ.
(6) Kindly note that the documents will not be returned to applicants.
(7) If you mention plant or animal species, please write its scientific name together.

Submission mail:

Other important link:
● Guideline: Click to view
Proposal Form (Form): Click to view  and Click to view
Proposal Form (Form-sample): Click to view
Proposal Form (Budget):
Expenditure Item List: Click to view
Expenditure schedule: Click to view
About: Click to view

How to apply:
1) The applicant needs to download the application documents from the PNFJ website below: ; or

2) Applicants must complete Application Form and Expenditure Schedule sheet in English or Japanese. If written in English, the completed documents should be sent to the Japanese member, and the Japanese member needs to make a translated version.

3) The Japanese member is responsible to send all application documents to the secretariat of PNFJ. The following documents must be included;
a) Application Form (A4×7 pages, written by applicant).
b) Expenditure Schedule (A4x2 pages, Excel sheet, written by applicant)
c) Japanese translation of the application form (A4×7 pages, written by Japanese member).
d) Japanese translation of the expenditure schedule (A4x2 pages, Excel sheet, written by Japanese member)
4) Submission: please choose from the following two options.
a) Sending by PDF format via e-mail (

Please fulfil all application documents and send them to the address above by 12:00 JST on 12th July 2019. When sending, please transform Word documents to PDF format. Expenditure sheet needs also be transformed to PDF format, and combined with application form into one file if possible. Please use online file sending services for files more than 2MB.

b) Postal Service: To: Secretariat of the Pro Natura Fund, Pro Natura Foundation Japan, Shoto Annex 2F, 1-25-8 Shoto, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0046 Japan

Please fulfil all documents and send them to the address above by no later than 12th July 2019. Please attach CD-ROMs etc. that contain electronic files of the documents.

Application Format: The application should be written in black and white. Size of the frame can be changed in each page, but adding of pages is not allowed. The size of letters should be larger than 10 pt. Font type is free. The applicant may underline or boldface the important words in order to highlight the key points.

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