Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM): Inviting applications for ‘The Energy Management Leadership Awards’ to recognize leading organizations for their energy management achievements and raise the profile of the ISO 50001 energy management system as a proven, broadly applicable solution to global energy and climate challenges.

Funding brief: The Energy Management Leadership Awards recognize leading organizations for their energy management achievements and raise the profile of the ISO 50001 energy management system as a proven, broadly applicable solution to global energy and climate challenges.

Organizations certified to ISO 50001 are invited to submit case studies for recognition. Each entry will describe how ISO 50001 implementation occurred within the organization and resulting business benefits. Entries will undergo a juried selection process by a committee of experts from around world. Selection will take place in March-April 2019; award recipients will be notified in late April 2019 and publicly announced in May 2019.

Organizations submitting entries will be eligible for three types of recognition:
CEM Award of Excellence for Energy Management: The winners will be honored at the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM10), which takes place in Canada in May 2019. The Award of Excellence recognizes not only achieved savings but also organizations’ efforts to transform the way they are using energy. The awards aim to acknowledge organizations of various sizes, types, sectors, and geographies.
National Energy Management Awards: Governments may honor organizations submitting top entries from their countries.
Energy Management Insight Awards: All qualifying entries will receive this recognition for helping to build global insight on the benefits of energy management systems.

Evaluation Criteria: Your case study should demonstrate the business case for using an EnMS certified to ISO 50001 and provide useful insights to help others understand the key steps in setting up and maintaining an EnMS.

Case study provides:
Insightful description of how an EnMS can be tailored to meet the specific goals and circumstances of an organization (whether the organization is experienced or new to EnMS, pursuing initial certification or recertification, or implementing at a single site or multiple sites).
Insight on how to implement an EnMS, assess progress, and ensure continual improvement.
Insight on the use of energy measurement data to guide planning and decision-making to achieve and maintain energy performance improvements.
Compelling business case for the use of an ISO 50001-certified EnMS (based on varied benefits and related labor or capital investments).

Donor Name: Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM)
Funding name: The Energy Management Leadership Awards

Deadline: Entries are due by 31st, January, 2019 at 22:00 UTC (GMT).

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Funding limit: CEM Award of Excellence recipients will be recognized during a formal ceremony at the tenth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM10) in Canada in May 2019; one or more representatives from these organizations will be invited to attend the public portion of this meeting. Recipients of the CEM Award of Excellence, National Awards, and Insight Awards will be announced in CEM, EMWG, the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC), and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) news releases.  In addition, participating governments will bestow national honors on the organizations with the top entries from their countries. Participating government agencies will determine how and when to formally recognize their national winners. Case studies will be shared online as an inspiration and resource for other organizations.

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Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: Any organization from around the world in the industrial, commercial, or public sector certified to ISO 50001 is eligible to participate:
ISO 50001 certificates must be issued by a third-party certification bodies that are accreditedby Accreditation Bodies that are members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Learn more about accredited certification bodies in the FAQs. A copy of this certificate must be included with the submittal of each case study; expired certificates are not accepted.
Entries may feature ISO 50001 implementation at a corporate level, multi-site, or single facility,as noted on the ISO 50001 certificate. Entries at any of these levels (corporate, multi-site, or single facility) are welcome and encouraged. If you choose to submit a case study that addresses a corporate energy management system with multiple sites included within the scope of the ISO 50001 certificate, the case study entered needs to cover the entire full scope of the certification. If you submit a case study describing ISO 50001 implementation and results for multiple sites, a copy of each relevant site’s ISO 50001 certificate is required. View more guidance on corporate and multi-site entries in the FAQs.
Energy performance improvement results must be included case studies.Projected results are not accepted.
For organizations that have participated in this awards program in previous years:
Previous award recipients may enter the 2019 awards program if the scope and boundaries of the EnMS have changed (e.g., an expanded scope from single facility to multiple or certification of a different facility within the organization) or after recertification to ISO 50001. The program does not accept re-entry of case studies that received awards from this program in past years (i.e., revised versions of case studies that address the same scope and boundaries and include the same ISO 50001 certificates).
Organizations that have previously won an Award of Excellence in Energy Management are not eligible for the 2019 Award of Excellence but are eligible to receive an Insight Award.

Eligible Country: No Country Bar Found (Open to all regions)

Submission mail:

Other important link:
Proposal Form (Form): Click to view
About: Click to view
FAQ: Click to view

How to apply: To enter the competition, you must submit a copy of your organization’s ISO 50001 certificate, an entry form, and a structured case study.
First, if considering participation, please send an email to to receive important updates or clarifications. This does not obligate participation. Please provide the full name and email address of the point of contact, company name (and the site, if applicable), and country.
Second, complete the required Entry Form and case study:
 Use the Case Study Template and address the Case Study Topics.
 Entries that best meet the Evaluation Criteria will receive highest scores.
 Case studies must be 4–6 pages in length; shorter or longer case studies will not be accepted.
English must be used for provision of information in the case study template.
Third, submit the completed Entry Form in Excel and case study in Word format, along with a copy of the ISO 50001 certificate(s) issued by the accredited certification body, via electronic mail to with the subject line “Energy Management Leadership Award – 2019 Entry” no later than the submission deadline. The Secretariat will reply to confirm receipt.

By submitting a case study for consideration for the Energy Management Leadership Awards, organizations grant permission to the Clean Energy Ministerial and its partners to use the case study and contents therein. This includes but is not exclusive to sharing the case study online, sharing the case study contents (e.g., photos, quotes, business benefits and other excerpts) via press releases, presentations, etc. The case study submitter’s name and email may also be shared with the Energy Ministry from the entrant’s respective country in case the ministry wishes to congratulate or contact award recipients.

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