UNDP, Bangladesh: Inviting applications for ‘small grants’ to support for Human Rights programme under the Coalitions of CSOs/NGOs/CBOs.

Funding brief: Human Rights Programme (HRP) is a rights-based initiative UNDP supported by a consortium of donors. The programme has a specific focus on ‘’strengthening capacity of civil society organizations/community-based civil organizations to engage in human rights advocacy and awareness raising in Bangladesh’’. The Human Rights Programme will build the capacity of existing human rights CSOs and their coalitions to improve collaborative human rights actions at grassroots and national level of Bangladesh. The programme will have a focus on working with vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women and girls, children and young people, ethnic and religious minorities, Dalits and sexual minority population. This will seek to expand on human rights advocacy, awareness raising, human rights monitoring and reporting and collaborative actions of the CSOs through connecting then national institutions and stakeholders in addressing human rights issues/concerns in Bangladesh.

RFA-small grants support for Human Rights programme under the Coalitions of CSOs/NGOs/CBOs.

The Human Rights Programme (HRP) has five outcomes:
1) Strengthened capacity of the National Human Rights Commission to deliver on its mandate
2) Enhanced capacity of civil society and community-based organizations to engage in human rights advocacy and awareness raising
3) Enhanced capacity of law enforcement agencies, in particular police, on human rights issues
4) Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote women’s rights
5) Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote the rights of ethnic minorities

It is noted here that, this particular Micro-Capital Grants (MCG) support to specialized CSOs or CSOs/CBOs coalitions are linked with Outcome-5 of the HRP, UNDP.

The purpose of this RFA is to solicit applications and establish partnerships with specialized CSOs or CSOs/CBOs coalitions to enhance the institutional capacity and engagement of specialized CSOs and CSOs/CBOs coalitions in addressing rights of the ethnic and excluded minorities (including Dalits and other vulnerable groups), Gender diverse communities (Third-gender people) and other vulnerable groups in specific context of Bangladesh.

The RFA is open to all specialized CSO and the coalitions of small CSOs/CBOs working on specific thematic areas in Bangladesh to address common human rights issues/concerns and having commitment to make positive changes on the rights (knowledge and capacity), accessibility and dignity of target groups.

Expectations: The RFA is expected that as immediate outputs, the specialized CSOs and coalition of CSO/CBOs working at national and local context will:
1) Have greater opportunity to enhance institutional capacity of the specialized CSO and CSOs/CBOs coalitions;
2) Have an opportunity to work together on specific thematic rights issues/concerns;
3) Have an opportunity to be engaged in human rights awareness, policy advocacy, fact-fining and rights-based networking initiatives, human rights reporting in local and national context of Bangladesh;
4) Establish a stronger coordination of rights-based CSOs in promotion and protection of human rights in Bangladesh.

Criteria and Requirement: The selection criteria and requirement to be eligible to receive grants in accordance with UNDP’s guidelines for Micro – Capital Grants (MCG). UNDP provides micro-capital grants for both credit and non-credit purposes as inputs to its programme and project activities for this strategy, HRP will be using the noncredit grant modality under MCGs are generally and broadly used for:
a. Strengthening the institutional capacity of the local NGO and CSOs/CBOs coalitions;
b. Supporting community-based self-help initiatives, which may include income generating activities designed to alleviate poverty;
c. Promoting advocacy activities and networking between civil society organizations (CSOs), government and donors; and
d. Supporting NGOs and CSOs involved with local environmental protection and poverty eradication activities

Reference Number: 50446

Donor Name: UNDP, Bangladesh
Funding name: No specific fund name

Deadline: 21st, October, 2018 (by 12:00 pm)

Funding details link: Click to view

Funding limit: The RFA will predominantly focus on the follow thematic areas:

SL Thematic Issue Size of the Grants
1. Rights of the Ethnic Minorities USD 25,000
2. Rights of the Excluded Minorities (including Dalits and other vulnerable groups) USD 20,000
3. Rights of Gender diverse communities (Third gender population) USD 25,000

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: 1st, November, 2018

Project duration: 14 months (November, 2018 to December, 2019)

Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: Following an open advertisement, the following five eligibility requirements will be adopted for selection of specialized CSOs or coalition of the CSOs/CBOs:
1. Hold a valid Govt. registration
2. Have at least five years working experiences on thematic rights issues
3. Have valid evidence indicating transparent and accountable financial management systems (i.e. need authorized audit report)
4. Have strong base in priority areas
5. Have valid evidence indicating transparent and accountable financial management systems (i.e. need authorized audit report)

Note: for CSO/CBO coalition:
– All evidential documents of the lead CSO or CBO (including signed MOU of the coalition members) will be reviewed.
– Five (5) years experiences is applicable to lead CSO/CBO

Eligible Country: No country bar found (Open to all regions)

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
● Guideline: Click to view
● About: Click to view

How to apply: The interested CSOs or coalition of the CSO/CBOs in context of specific areas are requested to submit their proposal (technical and financial proposal) with signed letter and attachment of all supporting documents in line with proposal format (Annex-1&2).

The specialized CSOs or CSO/CBO coalition should have to submit their proposal with:
● A hard copy of proposal(including all supporting documents); and
● Soft copy of proposal(including scanned version of all supporting documents with a CD …. no DVD is allowed).

The letter of submission should clearly indicate as the subject: “Application for Micro-Capital Grants Support” to: Human Rights Programme (HRP), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Bangladesh, BTMC Bhaban (8th floor), National Human Rights Commission (8th Floor), 7-9 Karwanbazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh

The application must be legibly typed in English in 12 points, Times New Roman Font. Please send only the completed application form and all supporting documents as attachments (as evidence of application).

Annexes: to be attached
● This should be attached with the proposal application (as signed version) Evidence (signed MoU for coalition and GoB registration certificate for specialized CSO)
● Audit Report and Bank certificate (last year)
● Detailed and shared budget (As per attached template)

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Visit all funding categories:  Click to view

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