Conquer Cancer Foundation: Inviting applications for ‘Career Development Award’ to provide research funding to clinical investigators, who have received their initial faculty appointment, as they work to establish an independent clinical cancer research program.

Funding brief: The Career Development Award (CDA) provides research funding to clinical investigators, who have received their initial faculty appointment, as they work to establish an independent clinical cancer research program. This research must have a patient-oriented focus, including a clinical research study and/or translational research involving human subjects. Proposals with a predominant focus on in vitro or animal studies (even if clinically relevant) are not allowed.

The Foundation encourages applications in all areas.

Primary Criteria:
● Potential for the applicant to pursue an academic clinical oncology career (~35%)
  Prior research experience and accomplishments of the applicant during research training
  Potential favorable impact on career development of the applicant
● Strength of the hypothesis-driven proposal with a clinical research focus (~35%)
  A focus on patient-oriented clinical investigation (including an appropriate and detailed plan for advancing patient-focused research) Significance and originality of the proposed study and hypothesis
  Appropriate and detailed statistical analysis plan
  Appropriateness, feasibility, and adequacy of the proposed experimental design and methodology

Secondary Criteria:
● Strength of the mentor in supporting the applicant’s proposal and in facilitating the applicant’s career development (~20%)
  Quality of the mentor and the plan for mentoring interactions with applicant
● Availability of institutional resources to support the proposed project (~10%)

Donor Name: Conquer Cancer Foundation, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Foundation
Funding name: Career Development Award

Deadline: 25th, September, 2018 at 11:59 PM ET
● Any updated supporting documentation (e.g., a letter from a drug company that they will provide the investigational drug, a letter of collaboration from another laboratory providing expertise for this project, a letter of support for a collaboration, etc.) must be sent to no later than COB on October 18, 2018. Please note that these documents are optional, and only updates to documents submitted by the September 25th deadline will be accepted.

Funding details link: Click to view

Funding limit: The CDA is a three-year grant totaling $200,000 to pay for personnel and/or research expenses, and travel to attend the Conquer Cancer Grants and Awards Ceremony at the ASCO Annual Meeting. The number of CDA grants in each funding cycle is not predetermined by the Conquer Cancer Foundation.  Awards are given based on individual merit and availability of funds.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: 1st, July, 2019

Project duration: 1st, July, 2019 to 30th, June, 2022

Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for the Career Development Award:
● Be a physician (MD, DO of international equivalent) working in any country.
● Be in the first to third year of a full-time primary faculty appointment in a clinical department at an academic medical institution at the time of grant submission. Faculty appointment may begin with the entry-level faculty position within the applicant’s institution (i.e., Instructor/Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Assistant Member).
● Have a valid, active medical license in the country where the research will be conducted at the time of application.
● Have completed productive postdoctoral research and demonstrated the ability to undertake independent investigator-initiated clinical research.
● Be an ASCO Member or have submitted a membership application with the grant application. To apply for membership, or to renew your existing membership, please visit
● Be able to commit more than 50% of full-time effort in research (applies to total research, not just the proposed project) during the award period.
● Have a mentor from the sponsoring institution who must provide a letter of support. If the mentor is not an ASCO Member, a supporting letter from an ASCO Member from the sponsoring institution must be included.
● Eligible physicians are allowed to hold only one grant from the Conquer Cancer Foundation at a time.
● Should not have any current career development awards (e.g., K23, K08, or any other type of career development award) and have not been a Principal Investigator on any large project grants (e.g., R01 or international equivalent, or private foundation grants). Past recipients of training fellowships (e.g., Young Investigator Award or an F32 grant) are eligible. Applicants with institutional KL2/K12 grants are eligible to apply, but will be asked to relinquish their institutional grant at the start of the CDA grant period. If there are questions regarding eligibility associated with previous and current grants received, applicants are encouraged to send an email to for clarification.
● Be up-to-date and in compliance with all requirements (e.g., progress reports, final reports, budget summaries, IRB approvals, etc.) of any past grants received from the Conquer Cancer Foundation.

Eligible Country: No country bar found (Open to all regions)

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
● Apply: Click to view
● Guideline: Click to view
● About: Click to view

How to apply: All applications must be submitted in accordance to the requirements and instructions of the Career Development Award Request for Proposals (RFP).
● All application materials must be in English and must be submitted through the Grants Portal (Click to view).
● Paper applications or applications sent by e-mail or fax will not be accepted.
● The Conquer Cancer Grants Selection Committee reserves the right to evaluate and determine applicants’ eligibility based on the information and justifications included in the application materials.
● Applicants who are uncertain about their eligibility are encouraged to contact for clarification and provide their CV for evaluation.

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