Heightening Institutional Capacity for Government Use of Health Research (HIGH-Res) Award: Inviting applications for ‘grant’ to enhance the capacity of ministries of health in lower-middle and low-income countries to use health research evidence in policy-making.

Funding brief: This is a joint call for proposals from the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research and Welcome to enhance the capacity of ministries of health in lower-middle and low-income countries to use health research evidence in policy-making.

This call focuses on strengthening institutional and government use of health research to systematically demand and use evidence in decision-making in lower-middle- and low-income countries. Each consortium should address two objectives:
1. Implement innovative and sustainable interventions in ministries of health at the national or sub-national level that address specific needs for enhancing capacity to use research evidence in decision-making.
2. Use robust methods to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of these interventions.

Scope of call: This call is focused on strengthening the capacity of ministries of health in lower-middle- and low-income countries – including fragile states.

As a result of this call, the Alliance and Wellcome intend to fund the establishment of one consortium comprising multiple research and policy-making partners. The consortium should comprise both those conducting health research (e.g. research and academic institutions) and using health research (e.g. ministries of health) with the goal of implementing and evaluating sustainable interventions to enhance institutional capacity to use evidence in decision-making.

The proposed interventions must strengthen institutional capacity for the demand and use of research evidence in health. Interventions focused exclusively on strengthening the capacity of individual policy-makers will not be funded under this call. Interventions may focus on national or sub-national (in other words, state or provincial) level decision-making bodies, and can include decision-making bodies from different countries, either from one region (i.e. region-specific) or from one or more regions (i.e. inter-regional). Other relevant stakeholders (e.g. civil society representatives, knowledge brokers) may also be included in the consortium.

Outside the scope The following proposals are beyond the scope of this call and will not be considered eligible:
● Programmes addressing capacity of clinicians to use evidence in clinical decision-making.
● Interventions that focus on individual capacity building only, outside of a broader programme.
● Consortia comprising only research institutions.

Donor Name: Heightening Institutional Capacity for Government Use of Health Research (HIGH-Res) Award, Wellcome, World Health Organization (WHO), Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research
Funding name: No specific fund name

Deadline: 15th, August, 2018

Funding details link: http://www.who.int/alliance-hpsr/callsforproposals/HIGH-Res-call-1-1.pdf?ua=1

Funding limit: A total of US$ 1,000,000 is available to fund one consortia for a maximum duration of 36 months.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: Not found

Project duration: 36 months

Eligible organization: As below

● The collaborating research or academic teams must be based at recognized institutions with the capacity to undertake high-quality research. This means an institution that possesses an existing in-house capacity to host a grant and can demonstrate an independent capability to undertake and lead on research programmes.
● Ministries of health must engage as implementing partners and are required to co-lead the consortium. Applications that include capacity building and comparison across several different institutions and/or countries are encouraged.

Eligible Country: The primary applicants must be based in a least developed, lower-income or lower-middle income country (based on the OECD DAC List of ODA recipients, although up to 20% of the grant can be used to support the involvement of participants from upper-middle-income countries or high-income countries).

Submission mail: alliancehpsr@who.int

Other important link:
● Guideline: http://www.who.int/alliance-hpsr/callsforproposals/HIGH-Res-call-1-1.pdf?ua=1

How to apply: Submissions of bids should be made to alliancehpsr@who.int.

● Please use the subject: WHO Bid Ref. Heightening Institutional capacity and Government use of Health Research (HIGH-Res) Award
● Hard copies of submissions will NOT be accepted.
● Submissions must be written in English.

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