Daily Archives: June 30, 2018

Global Fund for Community Foundation (GFCF): Inviting applications for ‘GFCF grants programme, 2018’ to strengthen and support community philanthropy approaches.

Funding brief: The GFCF is inviting concept notes for a grants programme aimed at strengthening and supporting community philanthropy approaches that: ● Strengthen the efforts of CPOs to respond to, change mindsets around and build support for complex, sensitive or apparently intractable issues at the community level (e.g. social cohesion and other community divisions, environmental issues, […]

The Volvo Environment Prize Foundation: Inviting applications for ‘Volvo Environment Prize’ to reward outstanding scientific discoveries or innovations which in broad terms fall within the environmental field.

Funding brief: Since the first award in 1990 the Volvo Environment Prize has become one of the scientific world’s most respected environmental prizes. Laureates represent all fields of environmental and sustainability studies and initiatives. The Volvo Environment Prize is awarded by an independent foundation. A Scientific Committee does the initial screening and evaluation of candidates. […]

Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Inviting applications for ‘Nasser Bin Hamad (NBH) Youth Creativity Award to attract and develop talents and promote innovation by reducing obstacles faced by many of the world’s youth by providing them with the opportunity to express themselves and their talents and involving them in the development of their nation.

Funding brief: In the framework of strengthening the strategic plan for the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs and the implementation of initiatives related to the goals and objectives of the strategy, which in turn is seeking to keep up with global developments in the field of youth and sports. These were then translated into a […]

School of Information Systems (SIS): Inviting applications for ‘SIS Design Challenge 2018’ for the theme-“Redesign Your Business with Digital Technology” to demonstrate their problem solving and design ability to propose solutions for digital-technology issues.

Funding brief: SIS Design Challenge 2018 facilitates students (undergraduate program) from various design and technology backgrounds (e.g. HCI, UX, ICT, industrial design, product design, visual design, interaction design) to demonstrate their problem solving and design ability to propose solutions for digital-technology issues. This year’s competition theme is “Redesign Your Business with Digital Technology”. This theme […]