UNESCO: Inviting applications for ‘Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads Photo Contest’ to represent the theme “Reveal the Silk Roads” through culture, monuments, landscape, and people.

Funding brief: The International Photo Contest ”Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads”, taking place from 11 April  to 15 July 2018, is organized within the framework of UNESCO Silk Roads Project (https://en.unesco.org/silkroad/unesco-silk-road-online-platform), UNESCO Youth Programme and the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022). This initiative, which benefits from the kind support and valuable advice of the renowned photographer and humanitarian, Reza, offers a good opportunity for young people from different regions of the world to visually capture their understanding and impressions of the Silk Roads common heritage in their respective countries.

Visual arts serve as the primary communication tool for today’s youth.  The power and importance of visual instruction in raising awareness for younger generations is paramount, especially concerning an understanding of key issues within the context of globalization. The Silk Roads is an expansive region, comprised of a network of maritime and land routes.  It originates in East Asia, South Asia, and South-east Asia.  It then passes through the Central Asian sub-continent, the Russian steppe, the Iranian and Anatolian plateaus, and the Arabian Peninsula. It also stretches through North Africa and Northeast Africa, from Tanzania to Morocco.  Moreover, it goes through Eastern and Southern Europe, before reaching France and Spain. Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads Photo Contest provides an opportunity for youth living or travelling along the Silk Roads to more fully grasp their collective cultural heritage.  In addition, it offers youth a means of using photography to express unique perspectives about their Silk Roads common legacy and pluralistic identities.

Using photography in this way acts as a tool to highlight the significant historical contributions of the Silk Roads.  Most importantly, it fosters mutual understanding and promotes peace amongst these diverse populations.  The contest is divided into two age groups: 14-17 years old, and 18-25 years old.  Participants are invited to submit their photographs, which will then be examined by selected jury members.

The contest will culminate with an awards ceremony, with three winners being selected from each category.
First place winners will receive a professional camera.
Second place winners will receive a semi-professional camera, and
The prize for third place will be a standard-model digital camera.

In addition, winners will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the ceremony.  Those under 17 years of age may be accompanied by one other family member, courtesy of UNESCO.  A travelling exhibition of fifty photos which best represent the spirit of the contest will start its tour in UNESCO HQ in Paris, before travelling to other countries. To commemorate the occasion, these exceptional photographs will ultimately appear in a professionally bound collection of printed images.

The photographs must represent the theme “Reveal the Silk Roads” through culture, monuments, landscape, and people.
Only minor modifications to the photographs will be accepted (e.g. dodging and burning, aperture, cropping, color balance) and must be clearly indicated in the image’s description.
Each photograph must not contain any personal information that identifies the photographer.
All participants must be able to provide a high-resolution image that, if selected, can be printed on different media for exhibitions.
The Organizer reserves the right to remove any photograph that does not meet the criteria.

Donor Name: The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO)
Funding name: Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads Photo Contest

Deadline: 15th, July, 2018 at 23h 59m 59s, (GMT+1 h)

Funding details link: https://unescosilkroadphotocontest.org/en

Funding limit: In each age category, three photographs will be awarded by the international members of the Selection Committee. It is composed of five international personalities who are recognized for their artistic work and designated by the UNESCO. Subsequently, the Selection Committee is composed of five members with a chairman, as well as a representative of the UNESCO Director General.

Article 5: AWARDS
1st Award:  A professional digital single-lens reflex camera equipped with 18-55mm lens
2nd Award: Semi-professional digital camera
3rd Award: Digital camera

In the case of tied votes, the chairman of the Selection Committee will select the winner.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: N/A

Project duration: As above

Eligible organization: As below

The photography contest is open to everyone between 14 and 25 years old, regardless of his or her country of residence, except employees of UNESCO and the donor, China World Peace Foundation, and their family members (parents, children, siblings and spouses).

There will be two categories:
14 to 17 years old
18 to 25 years old

To participate, minors must provide written permission from their legal guardian(s):

“I, the undersigned Mr/Ms “full name” legal representative of “full name”, authorize him/her to participate in the photography contest “Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads” which runs from 11 April to 15 July 2018. I read and agreed with the terms of rules Signed “City”, the “Date” Signature
No minors’ participation will be accepted by the Organization without their written permission.

Eligible Country: No country bar found (Open to all regions)

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
Apply: https://unescosilkroadphotocontest.org/en/participate
Guideline: https://unescosilkroadphotocontest.org/en/node/15
FAQ: https://unescosilkroadphotocontest.org/en/node/33
Participation page: https://unescosilkroadphotocontest.org/en/participate

How to apply:
Go to the Participation (https://unescosilkroadphotocontest.org/en/participate) page
Upload a maximum of 20 photographs:
Include a caption for each photograph or series of photographs, in digital format (JPEG or JPG)
The quality of the photographs must be at least 1,500 pixels wide for horizontal images and 1,500 pixels tall for vertical images.
To participate, entrants must have access to the Internet.
Participation is strictly personal and the entrant cannot enter the contest on behalf of another person.
Participation in the photography contest implies full acceptance of these rules and all of their provisions. Non-compliance with the rules will result in disqualification of the entrant.

Visit all Funding opportunities: 
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