The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI): Inviting applications for ‘Co-funded Small Grants Program’ for the role of ecosystem services in adaptation to global change for human wellbeing.

Funding brief: The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI)  has been announced for the role of ecosystem services in adaptation to global change for human well-being.

Objectives of the Small Grants Program
– Encourage scientists in the Americas to focus on global change research that responds to the challenges identified by the IAI Conference of the Parties and the global frameworks provided by multi-lateral environmental agreements and organizations, including the SDGs;
– Enhance the capacity of scientists to develop, conduct and disseminate high-quality, solution-oriented, integrated transdisciplinary research on global change;
– Foster research collaboration at the regional level by linking research institutions and other relevant institutions across disciplines and countries;
– Strengthen capabilities, particularly of early to mid-career scientists, to undertake integrated transdisciplinary research on global sustainability;
– Contribute to global-change solutions that increase the social-ecological sustainability of the Americas;
– Develop open data products and mechanisms;
– Develop mechanisms for co-funding regional research;
– Strengthen the science-police interface in global change issues; and,
– Improve science evaluation mechanisms and monitoring of its impacts.

Donor Name: The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI)
Funding name: Co-funded Small Grants Program

Deadline: The deadline for submission of pre-proposals-27th, May, 2018 at 24:00 (Montevideo time).

Funding details link:

Funding limit: SGP-HW awards will be up to US$ 200,000 for supporting research, data management, travel, workshops, capacity building, communication and dissemination costs, and scholarships.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: November 2018

Project duration: The project duration of the SGP-HW is two years, with continuation of grants pending annual evaluations of satisfactory performance and subject to availability of funds.

Eligible organization: As below

Institutions eligible for IAI awards are colleges, universities, professional societies, not-for-profit organizations, or governmental institutions which have formal research programs and are located in an IAI Party. Institutions are expected to partner with stakeholders in producing knowledge useful for adapting to global change.

Eligible Country: No country bar found (Open to all regions)

Submission mail:

Other important link:
● Download the SGP-HW call in English ( – Spanish (
● Download the notification in English ( – Spanish (

How to apply: This call is organized in a 2-phase selection process. During phase 1, applicants should submit an initial pre-proposal that presents the transdisciplinary network of the researchers and stakeholders and institutions proposing to undertake the project. It should outline the concept, objectives and deliverables of the research, and the transdisciplinary nature of the project should be clearly described. From the pre-proposals received, 3 members of up to 10 teams will be invited to participate in a week-long proposal writing workshop to ensure transdisciplinary problem framing, co-design and team building, while maintaining high standards of research and scholarship. The workshop will bring together researchers with relevant stakeholders to co-design the proposed research and to jointly create results models to link actions to outcomes.

After the workshop, teams will have 6 weeks to develop full proposals. Final selection of full proposals for funding will be made through independent peer review followed by panel selection which will assess the interdisciplinarity of teams and the merit and feasibility of innovative proposals.

Pre-proposals may be submitted as a single file in Adobe (.pdf) or MSWord (.docx) format with a maximum of 7 pages using a 12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced format. Pre-proposals must be in English or Spanish. Pre-proposals must be received before deadline at . Pre-proposals that have not arrived at the address indicated before the deadline or that are incomplete (missing proposed budget with matching funds, CVs, commitment letters or other requested items) will not be evaluated.

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