UNESCO: Inviting applications for ‘UNESCO U40 Empowered’ to support projects from national and international NGOs that promote young female cultural entrepreneurs working in the digital creative industries.

Funding brief: “U40 Empowered” is a UNESCO initiative started in 2018 with the support of Sabrina Ho. This initiative expands the actions of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity by supporting projects from national and international NGOs that promote young female cultural entrepreneurs working in the digital creative industries. It is designed to increase opportunities for women under 40 to access funding, infrastructure, equipment and co-production opportunities in the digital creative industries. “U40 Empowered” will also support strategies that address the different needs, aspirations, capacities and contributions of women. Through support for such projects, “U40 Empowered” will unlock opportunities for young women entrepreneurs and realize their full potential in the digital creative industries. Please note that project proposals submitted to this call must comply with specific criteria, will be evaluated by an independent Panel of Experts and will be approved directly by Ms Sabrina Ho.

“U40 Empowered” will finance projects that:
● Develop and/or implement strategies that invest in women as entrepreneurs working in the digital creative industries;
● Create networks and opportunities to innovate and collaborate for women under 40 working in the digital creative industries;
● Organize female-led creative mentorship programmes for women under 40 in partnership with digital creative hubs, incubators and clusters;
● Give visibility to the work and innovations of women entrepreneurs under 40 working in the digital creative industries;
● Strengthen the digital skills of women under 40 working in the creative industry;
● Collect and analyze sex-disaggregated data with a view to better understand the underlying causes of gender inequality in the digital creative industries with a view to inform policy making.

Donor Name: The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO)
Funding name: UNESCO U40 Empowered

Deadline: All the Online Applications must be submitted at the latest by 16th, April, 2018 (midnight CET).

Funding details link: https://en.unesco.org/creativity/sites/creativity/files/call_empowered_en.pdf

Funding limit: The maximum amount that can be requested is 100,000 USD.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: The project implementation period shall be between 12 and 24 months, with the projects beginning in October, 2018.

Project duration: As above

Eligible organization: As below

● Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from eligible countries (developing countries Parties to the 2005 Convention): Non-governmental organizations that, according to their national regulations, are non-governmental and non-profit and that meet the definition of civil society1 mentioned in the Operational Guidelines.
● International non-governmental organizations (INGOs) registered in countries Parties to the 2005 Convention: International non-governmental organizations (INGOs), which meet the definition of civil society
mentioned in the Operational Guidelines; and which present projects that have an impact in developing countries at the sub-regional, regional or inter-regional level.

Eligible Country: Please find the list of eligible countries in the link (https://en.unesco.org/creativity/sites/creativity/files/list_eligible_countries_en_2018.pdf).

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
● Guideline: https://en.unesco.org/creativity/sites/creativity/files/call_empowered_en.pdf

How to apply:
● The application and its complementary documents must be in English or French.

Prepare the Application form:
● Download and review the call for funding.
● Download and review the Annotated Guide (https://en.unesco.org/creativity/sites/creativity/files/annotated_guide.pdf .
● Download, save on your computer and complete the Project Framework (including the project objectives, budget, outputs/deliverables and list of team members: https://en.unesco.org/creativity/files/2018-ifcd-project-framework-en ). The Project Framework should be opened and completed in Microsoft Excel or similar applications.
● Gather digital copies for all Complementary Documents (https://en.unesco.org/creativity/sites/creativity/files/list_of_complementary_documents_0.pdf ) that are required for your application.

Complete the Application form: All the project proposals must be submitted through the online Application Form.
● Create your account at https://en.unesco.org/creativity/applicant/register.
● Log in at https://en.unesco.org/creativity/user/login and complete all the fields in the online Application Form. During this process, you can save your application and come back later, using your login and password.
● Upload the Project Framework and Complementary Documents in the dedicated fields
● Before finalizing your application, ensure that all fields have been completed and accept the Terms and Conditions
● Date, sign and click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button to finalize your application.

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