Panthera: Inviting applications for ‘Kaplan Graduate Awards’ to help develop the next generation of wild cat biologists and for ‘Sabin Snow Leopard’ to support in situ conservation projects on snow leopards.

Funding brief: The Kaplan Graduate Awards Program (KAP) was created to help develop the next generation of wild cat biologists. The program supports the conservation efforts of outstanding young biology graduate students working on wild felids in situ. They welcome applications for projects on all wild cat species in all regions. Award amounts vary; the maximum is $1 5,000.

The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation and Panthera have partnered to launch the new Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program, which will provide up to $100,000 a year to support in situ conservation projects on snow leopards. Awards of up to $20,000 per project will be made for one year, but may be extended to subsequent years, contingent upon performance and results.

Donor Name: Panthera
Funding name: Kaplan Graduate Awards, Sabin Snow Leopard

Deadline: They will be accepting Letters of Interest between January, 15th and February, 15th

Funding details link:

Funding limit:
● Kaplan Graduate Awards Award amounts vary; the maximum is $1 5,000.
● Sabin Snow Leopard The maximum allowable request is $20,000 per annum. Panthera will consider local salaries, per diems, and stipends for local field personnel only; we will not fund salaries for core administrative and management personnel.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: Not found

Project duration:
● All Kaplan Awards are granted for one year, but renewals for subsequent years may be requested. Funding for subsequent years.
● Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program is for one year.

Eligible organization: As below

Kaplan Graduate Awards The KAP is designed to support projects on wild cats with a conservation focus and a significant field component. Applicants must be post-graduate students pursuing a higher degree (MSc., PhD or equivalent). Successful candidates will demonstrate outstanding academic credentials and conservation experience, field experience that has prepared them to undertake the proposed work, and a history of publishing work in peer-reviewed journals and/or ‘soft’ publications such as reports, magazine articles, web sites, etc.

● Sabin Snow Leopard: Applications may be made by individuals, or institutions. In the latter case, the project leader must be identified and make the submission. Application is open to all qualified candidates but projects led by country nationals and/or in country NGOs will be given priority.

● Graduate students are eligible to apply for field and project costs; tuition, bursaries, university living costs, etc. will not be considered by the Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program.

● Panthera does not support conferences, travel to scientific meetings, legal actions, overhead costs, academic exchanges, or captive breeding.

Eligible Country:
● Kaplan Graduate Awards: The Kaplan Graduate Awards supports wild cat conservation and research projects in all areas of the world where wild cats are found. Although work on all wild cat species is considered, preference is given to species that are endangered, threatened or vulnerable on – in order of priority – a global, regional, or local scale. Applications for work on species that do not meet these criteria will have a stronger chance of approval if they can demonstrate that their results can be applied to other species or other areas with greater conservation outcomes. In addition, sites with high conservation significance will be given priority.
● Sabin Snow Leopard: The Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program supports applications for in situ conservation efforts on the snow leopard in Asia. Emphasis will be given to requests for field conservation and research activities, including:
 Applying interventions that directly and immediately mitigate threats to snow leopards including activities which measurably reduce the persecution of snow leopards by pastoralists and poachers, the illegal trade in snow leopards, and so on.
 Monitoring and Research. They are very interested in survey efforts in areas of the snow leopard’s range for which there is limited or poor data, including developing baseline information on snow leopard populations; identifying and delineating important connections between known snow leopard populations; and undertaking basic research on snow leopard ecology where gaps exist.

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
● Guideline:
 Kaplan Graduate Awards:
 Sabin Snow Leopard:

How to apply:
Interested applicant may apply through the website (
● The application process opens with a call for Letters of Inquiry (LOIs). The LOI asks for the title and location of Kaplan Graduate Awards the proposed project, the target species, the project budget and the amount requested from Panthera, and an abstract of the project. Qualified students who submit LOIs for projects that appear to be a good fit for the program will be asked to submit a full application and supporting documents. Both LOIs and applications must be submitted though Panthera’s grant management system, Foundant. Applicants are only permitted to apply to one Panthera grant program per intake round. If you are seeking renewal for a previous grant, please contact us directly. To apply online, visit .

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