International Visegrad Fund: Inviting applications for ‘Strategic Grants’.

Funding brief: Strategic Grants support project addressing annual strategic priorities of the Visegrad Group. Strategic priorities are announced annually by the V4 country holding the rotating presidency over the group.

Increased awareness of cultural diversity and cross-border intercultural dialogue
Increased awareness of common heritage, including history and contemporary art
Increased promotion of common identity and heritage outside of the V4 region
Larger volume of common cultural productions reaching out to new audiences

Improved hard and soft skills (e.g., leadership, communication, mediation, time management) for a better access to labor market
Increase in the volume of common formal, informal and non-formal educational tools and teacher training opportunities (e.g. methodologies, common textbooks, internship programs, etc.)

Increase in B2B networks with an emphasis on development of SMEs and startups—e.g. scaling up (education, internships, etc.)
Improved ecosystem for business and social business development at the regional level
● fDevelopment of regional networks/clusters of SMEs, academia, and research institutions with a long-lasting impact
Increased science popularization on the regional level (with emphasis on youth)
Increased promotion of joint V4 R&D (research and development) projects outside of the V4 region

Increased awareness of transparency as a norm in society, professionalization of transparency of justice, fight against corruption
Providing a safer environment and capacity building for whistleblowers, factcheckers, the media and other watchdogs
Increased volume of media coverage in V4/Western Baklans/EaP region about regionally-relevant topics, increased access to information
Improved media and information literacy for increased resilience towards biased reporting, disinformation and propaganda

Increased awareness and active involvement of civil society in policy-making processes with emphasis on youth
New approaches to existing regional public challenges
Common advocacy strategies addressing regional issues
Increased capacity building of civil servants

Increased number of town/municipality twinning initiatives (joint projects between municipalities)

Donor Name: International Visegrad Fund
Funding name: Strategic Grants

Deadline: Proposals for Visegrad Grants, Visegrad+ Grants or Visegrad Strategic Grants are accepted regularly three times per year always by-
1st, Feb, 2018
1st, June, 2018
1st, Oct, 2018
Application forms must be sub-mitted 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the given deadline date.

Funding details link:

 Funding limit: Visegrad Grants with budgets amounting to €10,001 or more.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: A project can start once it has been approved and the contract has been signed between the grantee and the fund. In reality, it is usually no earlier than 70 working days after deadline.

Project duration: Maximum duration of projects is 36 months, minimum is 12 months

 Eligible organization: As below

Any legal entity is eligible for funding if applying on behalf of a justifiable consortium of project partners Preferences are given to groups of non-governmental, civil society organizations (CSOs) and municipalities and local governments; applications submitted by schools, higher education institutions, research and scientific bodies and public institutions in general will also be considered.

Natural persons (individual citizens) or institutions of state administration (ministries, government agencies, embassies, etc.) cannot apply nor can be valid project partners

 Consortium of organizations of which 3 or more are based in different Visegrad countries
 All types of non-governmental, civil society organizations (CSOs); municipalities and local governments; schools, higher education institutions; research and scientific bodies and public institutions are eligible as lead partner (applicant) and partners in the consortia
 Private entrepreneurs, companies with a legal entity, but only in areas not connected to their every-day business activity

Institutions of state administration (ministries, government agencies, embassies, state-funded cultural institutes, state-owned companies)
Organizations with running projects cannot apply in the same grant program again until the previous project is concluded (but they can be partners in any projects). It is, however, possible to apply in a different grant program (applicants having a running Visegrad Grant may apply for Visegrad+ Grants, etc.)
Natural persons (individual citizens)
Private entrepreneurs with/without a legal entity, in areas connected to their everyday activity

 Eligible Country: No country bar found (Open to all regions)

 Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
● Guideline:

Application Sample:

Application Manual:


How to apply: Project proposals are accepted only electronically through the Fund’s on-line application form available at Consulting project proposals is possible only by appointment and latest 30 days before given deadline.

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