SEAS-NVE: Inviting applications for ‘Energy services of the future contest’ to identify and serve a genuine need for B2B energy customers.

Funding brief: Are energy providers going to stay the same for the next years and decades or will there be another Tesla-effect within the industry?

They want to disrupt the current business model and they need your help! Find a business model that will make SEAS-NVE’s current energy consulting business model obsolete or find a way to 10x the current business. Your submission could potentially lead to a new business model for SEAS-NVE that creates genuine value for the customer and an ongoing level of interest.

SEAS-NVE is especially looking for a consulting service solution that can expand their customer base to SMEs, whom they cannot serve profitably with their current service offerings. You are welcome to propose solutions containing partnerships, affiliates, distribution co-operations, recommendation marketing, etc. – they are sure you will come up with even more ways to identify and serve a genuine need for B2B energy customers.

SEAS-NVE is one of the largest energy providers in Denmark. Besides providing electricity, they offer energy consulting as a service in order to help companies reduce their energy spendings.

This service is currently operated by trained consultants, who visit companies on the ground, establish reports on their energy consumption and as a final point recommend energy saving measures.

In these times, when businesses are becoming digitalized, SEAS-NVE wonders about the changes that this would bring to their consulting services and how it could help them serve SMEs. You are therefore invited to reinvent the existing business model and tell us how you would conceive the future of energy consulting!

Donor Name: SEAS-NVE
Funding name: Energy services of the future contest

Deadline: October 24th -December, 19th

Funding details link:

Funding limit: The winners of the contest will be awarded with the following prizes:
 1st place: 2.000 €
 2nd place: 1.500 €
 3rd place: 1.000 €

Furthermore, the project team will select an MVP (Most Valuable Participant) who has provided extraordinary value to the community through ideas or feedback. The MVP will be awarded with 500 €.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: Not found
Project duration: Not found
Eligible organization: Not found
Eligibility: Not found

Eligible Country: No country bar found (Open to all regions)

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:

How to apply: Before you head right into submitting your idea – we know that’s what you want – check out the background info! Then you can follow these easy steps:
 Develop your idea.
 Give it an inspirational title so everyone gets excited to read it.
 Write a description text for your idea. The clearer it is, the easier it is for the experts and the other users to rate and give feedback. So to give yourself the best chance of winning, make sure to put all your ideas and variations in separate submissions.
 Attach files. It can be images, designs, sketches, the business model canvas or anything else that would help describe or visualize your idea (optional, but recommended).
 Add tags to make it easier to find your idea (optional)
 Share it with your friends! Use our share functions to get your friends to look at your idea and to get their feedback.\
 Submit your idea (!
 Comment and interact with others to learn more on the subject and possibly adapt your idea according to the feedback.

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