SAARC Development Fund (SDF): Inviting applications for three financing windows: (i) Social; (ii) Economic; and (iii) Infrastructure.

Funding brief: The SDF has three financing windows: (i) Social; (ii) Economic; and (iii) Infrastructure. At present only the Social Window is fully activated. The SDF Secretariat is in the process of operationalizing the Economic and Infrastructure Windows. The Fund hopes to have few investment projects running soon.

Social Window: The Social Window primarily funds projects, inter alia, on poverty alleviation, social development focusing on education; health; human resources development; support to venerable/disadvantaged segments of the society; funding needs of communities, micro-enterprises, rural infrastructure development. The projects are in line with regional consensus as reflected in the SAARC Social Charter, SAARC Development Goals, SAARC Plan of Action on Poverty Alleviation and other SAARC agreed and endorsed plans, programmes and instruments.

Under the Social Window, the SDFwill support projects that focus on the following areas:
● Poverty alleviation;
● Education;
● Health;
● Human resources development;
● Support to vulnerable/disadvantaged segments of the society;
● Funding needs of communities;
● Micro-enterprises; and
● Rural enterprise development.

Economic Window: The Economic Window primarily extends funding to non-infrastructural projects related to trade and industrial development, agriculture, service sector, science and technology and other non-infrastructure areas. It can also be utilized for identifying, studying, developing and /or sponsoring commercially viable programmes/projects of regional priority including their pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

The Economic Window is utilized for supporting any other projects which are not covered explicitly under the Social and Infrastructure Window.
● Trade
● Agriculture and allied value additions
● Industry / Manufacturing
● Micro Irrigation
● Any other sectors as approved by the Board

Infrastructure Window: The Infrastructure Windows primarily funds projects in areas such as energy, power, transportation, telecommunications, environment, tourism and other infrastructure areas.
● Renewable energy
● Water harvesting
● Forestry
● Tourism
● Climate change, and
● Any other sectors as approved by the Board

Donor Name: SAARC Development Fund (SDF)
Funding name: SAARC Development Fund (SDF)(i) Social; (ii) Economic; and (iii) Infrastructure window

Deadline: No deadline found

Funding details link:

Funding limit:
(i) Social: Not found

(ii) Economic:
● Project Ceiling: SDF will consider the projects (equity 25% minimum, loan 75% maximum)having maximum project cost upto US$ 20.00 million (minimum – US$ 2.00 million) with the SDF’s contribution of maximum 75% of the total project cost and maximum loan period as 7 Years includes 2 years of grace period also;
● Pricing (in USD) of the SDF funding E&I windows will be near to the opportunity cost of the funding / weighted average rate of at least 3 member states;
● SDF will restrict its Line of Credit facilities to US $ 10 million per Bank/FI for MSME credit.
● SDF will balance its country exposure in such a way no country will account for more than 50% of its investments.

(iii) Infrastructure: As above of Economic window

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: Not found

Project duration:
(i) Social: Not found
(ii) Economic:  Project Ceiling: Maximum loan period as 7 Years includes 2 years of grace period also;
(iii) Infrastructure: As above of Economic window

Eligible organization:
(i) Social: The following entities are eligible to apply for funding:
● Governmental Organizations of Member States preferably with a commitment for co-funding / financing;
● Not for Profit, Non-Government Organizations registered in any of the SAARC Member States
● having experience of working continuously for minimum of 5 years in the relevant field
● preferably with a commitment of co-funding;
International Organizations with a commitment to provide technical assistance ● preferably with a commitment to co-fund SDFfunded projects; and
Private sector agencies registered in any of the SAARC Member States having experience of working continuously for minimum of 5 years in the relevant field with a firm commitment to co-fund SDF funded projects.

(ii) Economic:
● The Fund shall finance government bodies, municipal corporations, SPVs, SEOs and private sector corporate bodies.
● The SDF shall finance both public sector as well as private sector entities;
● To start with, SDF will fund only corporate entities established under the relevant statutes of Member States;
● No assistance is envisaged to sole-proprietorship

The eligible projects under SDF consist of the following:
● Projects involving all SAARC Member States;
● Projects involving more than one but not all SAARC Member States.
● Projects located in one SAARC Member States of significant economic interest for three or more SAARC Member States; and
● Projects with significant focus on poverty alleviation as envisaged under the Social, Economic & Infrastructure Windows.

(iii) Infrastructure: As above of Economic window

Eligibility: In order for proposals to be eligible, the following basic eligibility criteria shall be considered:
● Uphold the principles of the SDF Charter: Project should demonstrate how it will fulfil the objectives of the SAARC Charter
● Have at least 3 or more SAARC Member States participating in the proposed project
● Firm commitment to co-fund following a 50:50 co-funding modality

Eligibility of Implementing Partners(IPs): With a view of mitigating risks and conflicts of interest to ensure integrity and impartiality, due diligence policies and processes will be undertaken in assessing the eligibility of the IPs, and co-fund.

Eligible Country: SAARC Countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)

Submission mail:

Other important link:
● FAQ:

(i) Social:

(ii) Economic:

(iii) Infrastructure:

(i) Social:
● Combined Project Document Format:

● Country Project Document Format:

● Proposal Summary Format:

(ii) Economic:
● Information Handbook
● Brochure:

(iii) Infrastructure:
● Information Handbook:
● Brochure:

How to apply:  All proposals, which includes a brief summary of the proposal and a detailed project proposal must be emailed in a password protected file to  using the Project Document Formats. The Project Document Formats provide a more detailed articulation of the project proposal. If approved, the project document serves as the basis for project implementation.


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