World Bank: Inviting applications for ‘REACH for Reading KLI Grants’ to support efforts toward more and better education services, especially to those most excluded, by helping country systems focus more sharply on results.

Funding brief: The REACH for Reading Call for Proposals is a joint initiative by the Results for All Children (REACH) trust fund, housed at the World Bank and the Global Book Alliance, a multi-partner alliance led by USAID. Funded by NORAD, USAID, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, REACH supports efforts toward more and better education services, especially to those most excluded, by helping country systems focus more sharply on results. The Global Book Alliance brings together partners from donors, multilateral institutions, NGOs, and the private sector to work together to transform the development, procurement and distribution of books for reading instruction and practice, particularly in underserved languages for the primary school. Our shared vision is an education system in which all children have access to a quality education where they are able to develop the key skill of literacy. Currently, 250 million children of primary school age around the world have not acquired this foundational skill. To address this global learning crisis, the Global Book Alliance/REACH for Reading Call for Proposals will fund a series of innovative interventions in low and middle income countries, using results-based financing mechanisms to increase efficiency and align incentives.

This is the fifth call for proposals for activities to be financed under the REACH Trust Fund and second REACH for Reading proposal request.

The objective of the KLI Grants is to strengthen the evidence-base for the impact results-based financing can have on the education system by improving access to, the quality and utilization of textbooks and reading books. The Global Book Alliance and REACH, through REACH for Reading, will fund activities at any of the following stages of development:
a) Proof of concept: Piloting of a concept that targets beneficiaries in a developing country context to gain an early, real world assessment of the technical and financial viability of the proposed concept.
b) Testing impact and delivery: Testing a proven concept for social impact, improved outcomes and/or market viability, as well as operational refinement to build paths to sustainability and scale.
c) Scaling-up: Adaptation of a rigorously evaluated innovation to new contexts, geographical areas.

REACH for Reading will fund high quality, robust, cost-effective experiments, designed to transform the book supply chain, procurement, quality assurance and utilization of books through results-based financing models.

Donor Name: World Bank
Funding name: REACH CALL 5 – REACH for Reading KLI Grants

Deadline: 6 PM EST, Friday, November, 17th, 2017

Funding details link:

Funding limit:
● A total of up to US$4million (up to US$500,000 per proposal) is available under the Knowledge, Learning, and Innovation (KLI) stream, and will be competitively awarded.
● The total funding available for REACH for READING is USD $4Million. We anticipate awarding 6-8 projects and each project is eligible for up to USD $500 Thousand.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: Not found
Project duration: Proposed project lengths will vary between 6 months – 2 years.

Eligible organization: As below

REACH for Reading will consider applications from (1) Non-governmental organizations; (2) Teams within multilateral organizations; (3) Academics; and (4) Civil Society organizations.

Eligible Country:
● Low and middle income countries
● Applications will only be considered from countries with existing reading programs and/or reforms. Priority will be given to teams (including government, partner representatives, public private partnerships) working in or across countries where the government can demonstrate support for using results-based financing mechanisms. If applicant is selected as an awardee, a letter of endorsement from the government is required to secure funding from this call for proposals.
● Examples of past REACH grantees can be found here ( Proposals will be accepted for activities in
● All Bank client countries (
● All WBG country clients are eligible. See:

Submission mail: Not found

Other important link:
● FAQ:
● Guideline:
● Apply:–h31dQx811zVeagzdxPrBgC4NPwjfA/viewform

How to apply: Interested applicant may apply through the website (–h31dQx811zVeagzdxPrBgC4NPwjfA/viewform).

Visit all Funding opportunities:

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