Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA): Inviting applications for ‘the Peace & Recovery (P&R) Program’ to discover and promote effective solutions to global poverty problems.

Funding brief: The Peace & Recovery (P&R) Program at Innovations for Poverty Action is launching its first request for proposals. Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a research and policy non-profit that discovers and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems. IPA brings together researchers and decision-makers to design, rigorously evaluate, and refine these solutions and their applications, ensuring that the evidence created is used to improve the lives of the world’s poor. Since its founding in 2002, IPA has worked with over 400 leading academics to conduct over 500 evaluations in 51 countries. This research has informed hundreds of successful programs that now impact millions of individuals worldwide.

The P&R Program is designed to support field experiments and related research in several broad areas:
● Reducing violence and promoting peace
● Reducing “fragility” (i.e. fostering state capability and institutions of decision-making)
● Preventing, coping with, and recovering from crises (focusing on conflict, but also including non-conflict humanitarian crises)

Donor Name: Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)
Funding name: The Peace & Recovery (P&R) Program

● Expressions of Interest are due on September, 15th, 2017.
● Full applications due on November, 15th, 2017

Funding details link:

Funding limit:
● The new funding for the Peace & Recovery Program will come from DFID, which has approved £12m of UKAid for three initiatives, together with our partners at J-PAL.
● Off-cycle proposals. While most of the funding will be disbursed through scheduled funding rounds, we understand that some research projects face a significant time constraint and need to receive funding before the end of a regular funding round to make use of an unanticipated opportunity (e.g., a newlyannounced policy change that will go into effect soon, creating an opportunity for an evaluation). The maximum amount awarded to off-cycle proposals is $50,000. We encourage researchers in those situations to reach out directly to .

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: January, 15th, 2018

Project duration: Not Found

Eligible organization: As below

● Researchers must be affiliated with a research institution or a university and either hold a PhD, or be currently pursuing a PhD, in a relevant discipline. They must demonstrate experience in field research, randomized evaluations, and sector expertise.

Eligible Country: As funding for this program will come from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), no funds can be spent in high-income countries (generally defined as the US, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and wealthy Middle Eastern countries) and a majority of funds must be spent in DFID priority countries ( ). The P&R Program will prioritize projects in fragile states, or fragile regions in moderately stable states, countries in which IPA has a country office, as well as DFID priority countries. We will be able to consider studies in non-DFID countries, but these studies will have a lower probability of funding. 6 As noted above, projects taking place in countries where IPA has a country program are generally expected to be run through the local IPA Country Office ( ), and applicants should reach out to these country offices early in the proposal stage.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
● Guideline:
● DFID priority countries: .
● IPA Country Office:

How to apply:
● Interested applicant may apply through the website (


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