Youth LEAD: Inviting applications for ‘Youth LEAD Technical Assistance Fund 2017’ to provide financial support and technical assistance in order for Young Key Population-led organizations, networks or groups to achieve catalytic role in their critical works in HIV response.

Funding brief: The technical assistance has significant role to play for the development of the organization and often small amount of fund can help community-based organizations to continue its critical work towards addressing the HIV epidemic and SRH access impediments in their respective communities. However, the cost of TA is expensive and accessing the existing TA platform is complicated and restricted to achieve certain objectives. While flexible small scale funding has remained short and challenging due to different factors. Youth-led and youth-serving organizations often face similar funding challenges.

The Youth LEAD TA program was initiated in 2016 with all these reflections as mentioned above and this year they are again pleased to announce the new round of youth friendly TA grant for the YKP-led organizations in the Asia and the Pacific. The component of youth friendly TA here is understood as easier to access with less bureaucratic and complicated steps, flexibility with the TA need, lesser documentation, autonomy of the applicant to select the local/national/community consultant and consistent support from the Youth LEAD Secretariat during the development of TA application and implementation of the program.

Components of TA: Different from the existing Small Grant Support being provided to YKP-led organizations by Youth LEAD supported by RCNF, this TA aims to augment the technical and organizational needs of young key populations-led civil society or community organizations in their existing work. The TA program intends to be catalytic and focuses on addressing the immediate needs of the organization and provide the identified support.

● Component #1 : Identify and recruit appropriate short-term local/national/community/youth consultants to provide required support to the organizations.
Area of support:
Organizational development (policy development, website development etc)
Resource mobilization (proposal writing)
Strategic planning
Advocacy activities (policy and advocacy brief, advocacy capacity-building community mobilization)
● Component #2 : Catalytic demand-driven funding to support the critical advocacy, networking, capacity development of YKP.
Area of support:
Organizational development (registration of the informal groups)
Organize critical meetings or workshops
Resource mobilization (fund raising campaign etc)
Advocacy activities (bi-lateral meetings with the donors/governments, campaign etc)

*Note: Both components look similar but the nature of support is different. For instance the registration of organization may require different support than policy development.

Donor Name:  Youth LEAD
Funding name:  Youth LEAD Technical Assistance Fund 2017

Deadline: Any eligible organizations/networks/groups can submit the application  within August 30, 2017 before 12 am Bangkok time.

Funding details link:

Funding limit: The minimum amount of request is 1000 USD while the maximum is 2500 USD for one-time engagement. Final amount will be decided by Youth LEAD Secretariat based on the quality and need of the application.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.

Project start date: 15th, September, 2017

Project duration: The selected TA activity have to be implemented between 15th of September  to  15th  of December 2017

Eligible organization: As below

● YKP-led national networks, organizations or groups within Asia and the Pacific.
● YKP-led refers to led by young people who use drugs, young people who sell sex, young gay men who have sex with other men, transgender populations, and living with HIV from 18-27 years old.

Eligible Country: Asia and the Pacific

Submission mail:

Other important link:
● Form:

How to apply:
● The application should be submitted to via email.


Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh


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