International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF): Inviting applications for ‘Central African Republic (CAR) And Rwanda Reporting Fellowships’ for two reporting trip locations in November: the Central African Republic (CAR) and Rwanda.

Funding brief: The IWMF is pleased to announce that they are accepting applications for two reporting trip locations in November: the Central African Republic (CAR) and Rwanda. From November 5-18, two groups of six women journalists will report from CAR on issues related to the impact of humanitarian aid and from Rwanda on technology and economic development. All Fellows will begin their trip in Nairobi, Kenya, where they will complete comprehensive security training and an orientation about the African Great Lakes region.

These reporting fellowships are part of the IWMF’s African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative, created in 2014 to support women journalists committed to pursuing stories that go beyond well-established narratives of political instability, armed conflicts, and humanitarian crises in the Great Lakes region of Africa. To date, 152 IWMF-supported journalists have covered a wide range of under-reported stories on topics including rural development, conservation, and the impact of aid. Their work has been published and aired by leading media outlets around the world.

During the next two years, the IWMF will continue to lead groups of women journalists to CAR, the DRC, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. By 2019, more than 250 reporters will contribute to covering critical narratives in the region.

Reporting trip themes:
● Central African Republic (CAR): The Impact of Humanitarian Aid
● Rwanda: Technology and Economic Development

Donor Name: International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF)
Funding name: Central African Republic (CAR) And Rwanda Reporting Fellowships

Deadline: The online applications to take part in these trips will be open immediately through August 29th.

Funding details link:

Funding limit:  The IWMF arranges travel and in-country logistics for all Fellows. The IWMF also covers fellowship-related costs within the framework of the reporting trip including travel, lodging, meals, and fixers/interpreters, unless a selected journalist’s news organization wishes to assume these costs. Visa costs will also be covered, but fellows living outside the U.S. are responsible for procuring all necessary visas.

Special Notes:
Please contact with the donor directly for further clarification and understanding.
● The trip to CAR will be based in Bangui. The trip to Rwanda will be based in Kigali. Travel outside these base locations will be limited by the IWMF security protocols and assessed on a case-by-case basis. Applicants should plan their story pitches in accordance with messaged locations.

Project start date:
Reporting trip dates: CAR and Rwanda: November 5-18, 2017

Project duration: N/A

Eligible organization: As below

Applicants must be affiliated or freelance women journalists with at least three years of professional experience in journalism working in print, broadcast, or digital media.
● All nationalities are welcome to apply. Fellows must have excellent written and verbal English skills in order to fully participate in and benefit from the program.
● Applicants must be able to demonstrate support from an editor or have a proven track record of publication in prominent media outlets.

Eligible Country: No Country Bar (All regions)

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
Central African Republic (CAR) Reporting trip:
Rwanda reporting trip:

How to apply:
Interested applicant may apply through the website:
Central African Republic (CAR) Reporting trip:
Rwanda reporting trip:

Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh


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