Rainforest Action Network: Inviting Applications for Protect-an-Acre Grant Application to protect the world’s forests and support the rights of their inhabitants through small grants to traditionally under-funded organizations and communities in forest regions.

Donor Name: Rainforest Action Network
Funding name: Protect-an-Acre Grant Application

Funding brief: RAN established Protect-an-Acre (PAA) in 1993 to protect the world’s forests and support the rights of their inhabitants through small grants to traditionally under-funded organizations and communities in forest regions. PAA is a grassroots alternative to “buy-an-acre” programs that seek to provide rainforest protection by buying tracts of land, but which often fail to address the needs or rights of local Indigenous peoples.

Categories: PAA grants fit seven basic categories: Top priority is given to:
● Projects emphasizing grassroots organizing, education, training and capacity building to develop skills, increase awareness and/or build alliances towards protection of forests and increased community control over local resources
● Projects emphasizing community-driven, strategic use of non-violent direct action that supports local resistance to destructive development activities such as logging, oil extraction, dam construction and the expansion of monoculture plantations
● Projects supporting Indigenous communities securing or maintaining legal land title recognition (demarcation of territory, GPS mapping, resource inventories and management plans, meetings with neighboring communities, etc.)

Also supported:
● Environmentally and socially sound sustainable economic alternative initiatives
● Travel and other opportunities that amplify community voices in regional, national and international forums and provide access to decision makers
● Field studies and original research used to hold companies accountable for their on-the-ground activities
● Seed money for emerging grassroots organizations

Deadline: Not Found

Funding details link: https://www.ran.org/protect_an_acre_application_guidelines

Funding limit: Grants generally do not exceed $5,000. Certain components of projects with larger budgets can be funded when those components significantly contribute to the project’s final outcome.

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found

Eligible organization: under-funded organizations and communities in forest regions.

Although grants are made in all regions and unsolicited proposals are welcome, geographic priority areas are Southeast Asia and South and North America (Native American/First Nations applications are prioritized in the U.S. and Canada). Applicants from other regions are encouraged to contact paa@ran.org prior to submitting an application to inquire regarding the possibility of funding.

Submission mail: paa@ran.org

Other important link:
About: https://www.ran.org/mission_and_values

 How to apply: For a Word version of the Protect-an-Acre application, please contact paa@ran.org . Completed applications can be returned via email to paa@ran.org or mailed to:Rainforest Action Network, c/o Small Grants Programs Manager, 425 Bush Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94108.

Visit all Funding opportunities: https://fundforbangladesh.wordpress.com/site-map/

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