The Weeden Foundation: Inviting applications for grant to protect Biodiversity.

Donor Name: The Weeden Foundation
Funding name: No specific fund name

Funding brief:  The Foundation requires that new applicants (not current grantees) submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) via email. They will respond to such emails within a few weeks of receipt. LOIs should be no more than two pages long, and reflect a basic knowledge of Foundation geographic interests and programmatic emphases as garnered from this website. They suggest all potential applicants review the site carefully prior to submitting a LOI. If the work proposed is of interest and/or fits into one of our program areas, they will invite a full proposal. Please do not call the Foundation. Returning applicants (who received a grant the previous year) do not need to submit a LOI.

Deadline: The next deadline for proposal submissions is Friday, August, 4th, 2017.

Funding details link:

Funding limit: The average grant size for FY 2015 was $20,000

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: The Foundation does not currently entertain multi-year support requests.

Eligible organization: As below

● IRS tax exemption 501(c)(3) certification letter or an equivalency document for non-U.S. based organizations (obtained in-country)

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
● Funding areas:
● What we fund:
● Quick response bio diversity fund:

How to apply:
Each full proposal should be sent to the Foundation in hardcopy via mail (with other required material and any background materials) and email (proposal only). We prefer proposal packets to be sent by regular mail, and we do not accept proposals sent by fax. We encourage applicants to use double-sided copies, print on paper with a high post-consumer content or alternative fiber, and reuse envelopes.

Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh


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