The Jephcott Charitable Trust: Inviting applications to make grants which will make a difference, preference will be given to charities or projects which are having difficulty getting started, or raising funds from other sources.

Donor Name: The Jephcott Charitable Trust
Funding name:  The Jephcott Charitable Trust Fund

Funding brief:  They like to make grants which will make a difference, preference will be given to charities or projects which are having difficulty getting started, or raising funds from other sources. This often means that the Trust is funding capital projects, eg for equipment or materials, rather than running costs. Grants are made to charities in all parts of the world.

The funding priorities are:
● Population Control
● Education
● Health
● Environment

Population control: The Jephcott Charitable Trust is prepared to consider support for schemes, particularly educational ones, which help to control excessive growth in population.

The natural environment: The Trust has supported a number of projects involved in conserving the natural environment. It does not support projects involving animal welfare or heritage sites or buildings.

Education: Projects will be considered include benefitting people of all ages and backgrounds. They may be able to provide formal education, to teach vocational skills to enhance the possibility of employment, to enhance computer skills, health awareness, distance learning.

Health: A very wide range of healthcare projects are supported. Projects which require long-term funding are not normally considered. The Trust prefers to make one-off donations to get many projects started, rather than support fewer projects charities over a long period.

Deadline: The Trustees normally meet in April and October each year.  It can take several months from the date of submission for a Trustee to be in a position to present and support an appeal at the Trustees’ meeting. Please ensure that the Trust will have time to consider your application before the funds are required.

Funding details link:\

Funding limit: Grants are made in the range of £2,000 to £10,000, and in exceptional cases only, up to £20,000.

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found
Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: You can apply if:
You are a registered charity or properly constituted organization. The purpose for which you are applying must be legally charitable and your constitution must allow you to carry out that work.
● Your proposal falls within our funding priorities.
● The work for which you want funding has not already taken place.
● The work will benefit an individual.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
Guideline and Form:

How to apply:
If you would like to submit an application to JCT, you will need to complete and submit the application form to The Secretary (The Secretary, The Jephcott Charitable Trust, The Threshing Barn, Ford, Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 2LN UK).

Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh

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