AmplifyChange: Inviting applications for Strategic Grant to support organizations that work globally and regionally to advocate and help shape policy and strategy on the priority themes of AmplifyChange.

Donor Name: AmplifyChange
Funding name:  Strategic Grant

Funding brief:  The purpose of a Strategic grant is to support organizations that work globally and regionally to advocate and help shape policy and strategy on the priority themes of AmplifyChange. Strategic grant applicants must therefore be able to demonstrate achievement in at least one of the five priority areas of AmplifyChange:
● Addressing gender-based violence, including sexual violence and female genital mutilation;
● Addressing the causes of unsafe abortion including decriminalization of abortion and thereby supporting a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion;
● Improving sexual health of young people and girls, including through comprehensive sexuality education and addressing forced and early child marriage;
● Challenging stigma, discrimination, attitudes and laws that undermine human rights, including on grounds of gender or sexual orientation of LGBTI individuals;
● Increasing access to comprehensive reproductive health services for poor, vulnerable and marginalized people

Priorities: AmplifyChange welcomes all applications that address our five priority themes as above. However, Strategic grants aim to add value. Strategic grants are part of a growing portfolio of southern-led SRHR advocacy grants that AmplifyChange has already awarded. This guidance has therefore also considered the current composition of the AmplifyChange portfolio and missing-themes from the applications they receive.

They would therefore especially encourage applications from organizations that work globally and regionally on the following issues within the 5 thematic areas of AmplifyChange. Our terminology of ‘especially encourage’ means that if there are high-quality applications that are equal in all other respects, we will moderate for the following:
● Intersections between gender-based violence and barriers to safe abortion: Approaches that strengthen advocacy for safe abortion, including responding to the intersections between gender-based violence and barriers to accessing a safe abortion.
● Challenging stigma, discrimination, attitudes and laws: Support to the development of LGBTI rights movements, focusing on supporting organizations in parts of the world where movements are effectively non-existent or most underdeveloped.
● Improving sexual health of young people: Systematic approaches to mainstreaming comprehensive sexuality education, including its systematic implementation within schools and out-of-school approaches in regions with the weakest commitment to comprehensive sexuality education.

Menstrual hygiene, including the role of advocacy in expanding access to sanitary products, removing stigma around menstruation and the role of menstrual hygiene management information and empowerment in comprehensive sexuality education.

● Access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services: Approaches that build advocacy movements that respond to strengthen SRHR and access to SRH services for people living with disability.

Deadline: This is a two-stage application process. The first stage – the expression of interest – will open on 27 June 2017 via the grants portal​. Applicants will have four weeks to submit the short expression of interest. The deadline is 5pm (BST) on 25th July 2017.

Funding details link:

Funding limit: Strategic grants will be between EUR 550,000 to EUR 2 million over 2 years. They anticipate awarding between 3-8 Strategic Grants in this round, depending on the applications received and our funding envelope.

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: AmplifyChange support within the 2-year funding limit.

Eligible organization: As below

● Strategic grants are open to all registered civil society organizations – please see our definitions of CSOs here.
● The applicant must have a proven track record and capability in advocating to strengthen sexual and reproductive health and rights within global or regional level processes, through the support they provide to networks, partners and organizations working at country level.
● The applicant must provide demonstrable evidence of the ability to operate in more than one geographic region (regions defined as West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa or South Asia).
● The applicant must be an established civil society organizations with a transparent governance structure, and will be required to submit, as part of their full application, their (i) organizations al strategic plan and (ii) a results framework of expected results and outcomes.
● The organizations ‘s average annual expenditure (taking the last 3 years to make the average) must be at least twice the amount the organizations is applying for; so for example if an organizations is applying for EUR600,000, its average 2014, 2015, 2016 annual expenditure must be at least EUR1,200,000.
● The applicant must respond to the two essential areas for action and at least 2 out of the 6 other areas of action.

organizations may submit up to two applications as a lead organizations; but there is a limit of one Strategic grant per lead organizations in this funding round. It is possible for an organizations that is awarded a Strategic grant as a lead organizations to also be indicated as a sub-contractor on another Strategic grant led by another organizations.

Previous applicants are welcome to apply. However, given the specific criteria defined in this second round of the Strategic grant, previous applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a new expression of interest that aligns with this particular guidance.

All current AmplifyChange grantees are welcome to apply and will be considered equally in all respects.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
● FAQ:

How to apply: Interested applicant may apply through the website (


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