Ellen Stewart International Award: Inviting Applications for award to be presented to an individual artist or group of artists who work together or a theatre organization that demonstrates success in promoting social change and youth engagement through their theatre practice.

Donor Name: Ellen Stewart International Award
Award name: Ellen Stewart International Award

Award brief:  The Ellen Stewart International Award will be presented to an individual artist or group of artists who work together or a theatre organization that demonstrates success in promoting social change and youth engagement through their theatre practice.

Criteria: Criteria for Ellen Stewart International Award Winner:
● Must be engaged in a practice that uses performance as a means for social change, particularly with youth.
● The artist(s) who wins this honor uses theatre as a mechanism for inspiring young people to understand others so they can make a positive contribution to their community.
● The winner must have a demonstrated commitment to engaging communities through live performance toward improving conditions in the society.
● Must have at least 5 years of experience in engaging communities through theatrical performance, training and/or teaching.
● Must be an individual or company who would commit to a Residency at La MaMa Umbria International during the summer 2018.
● Must have the support of three prominent members of the world theatre/performance community, whose letters are included in the Proposal.
● Must be able to demonstrate how winning the Award will help the artist or company continue its work toward socially engaged performance, as exemplified by the art and work of Ellen Stewart.

Deadline: August, 31st, 2017

Award details link: http://www.ellenstewartaward.net/?page_id=20

Award limit:
● Two weeks residency at the world-famous artist residence: La MaMa Umbria International in Spoleto, Italy. La MaMa Umbria provides accommodation, meals and support for the development of a new or continuing project:
● The new project/performance will have its premiere at the famous Spoleto Festival of 2 Worlds.
● Cash award in support to the project.
● Presentation of the Award at a highly visible ceremony before an international audience with extensive press coverage.
● Invitation to participate in International Theatre Institute’s World Congress.

Project start date: N/A
Project duration: N/A
Eligible organization: As below

Candidates can come from any country/community in the world.
● Candidates must exhibit excellence and major achievements in the areas or socially-engaged theatre with youth involvement. They are looking for as diverse an array of candidates as possible.
● Candidates should be available to spend a residency during the summer of 2018 at La MaMa Umbria in Spoleto, Italy.
● Three support letters must accompany the Nomination Form.
● Self-nominations will be accepted, as long as support letters are included.

Submission mail: estewartaward@gmail.com

Other important link:
Form: http://www.ellenstewartaward.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/ELLEN-STEWART-AWARD_APPLICATION-2017_2018.pdf

 How to apply: To Nominate an Artist or Company:
● Fill out the Application Form in English and email it to: estewartaward@gmail.com by AUGUST 31, 2015.
● Include 3 Reference Letters, including contact information for each.
● Include complete CV.
● Include Press clippings, video, and other support materials that would strengthen the application (All documentation must be in digital form, accessible online, with link).
● Nominator will fill out the Nomination Form (below) only in English and submit the completed form by the Deadline.

Visit all Funding opportunities: 

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh

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