Conservation International: Inviting Applications to submit full proposals for the implementation of conservation agreements related to sustainable sourcing and conservation.

Donor Name: Conservation International
Funding name: Conservation International Fund

Funding brief: The Conservation Agreements Private Partnership Platform (CAPPP) invites applicants to submit full proposals for the implementation of conservation agreements related to sustainable sourcing and conservation.

The CAPPP is an initiative financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), with the Untied Nat​ions Environment Programme (UNEP) as the implementing agency. ​

The Conservation Agreement Private Partnership Platform (CAPPP) is a five-year initiative (2014 – 2019) financed by the GEF’s Earth Fund through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as Implementing Agency, and executed by the Conservation Stewards Program (CSP) at Conservation International (CI). The purpose of GEF Earth Fund platforms is to catalyze private sector participation in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service maintenance. To do so, the CAPPP will fund the use of conservation agreements to establish effective partnerships between private sector actors and local communities or resource users who explicitly agree to achieve biodiversity conservation, reduce land/sea degradation, support climate regulation efforts, and promote sustainable natural resource management. The CAPPP will support site-based initiatives that engage the private sector in one or more of the three following ways:
● Shape product-sourcing relationships between private sector companies and communities (for example, between coffee-farming communities and international coffee companies);
● Develop conservation partnerships that support compliance with corporate social and environmental responsibility commitments (for example when a mining company invests in a biodiversity offset by supporting community-based conservation); and,
● Build capacity of small- and medium-sized enterprises to promote community participation in product/service supply chains that benefit conservation and economic development (for example by investing in a community-based eco-tourism venture).

The CAPPP goal is to protect at least 1 million hectares of high biodiversity areas, by supporting conservation agreements with at least 30 communities around the world and engaging at least 15 private sector partners. A principal metric of private sector engagement will be co-financing generated through one of the three forms of engagement described above.

Deadline: June, 30th, 2017

Funding details link:

Funding limit:  CAPPP grants will be for up to 3 years and up to $250,000 (larger grants may be considered but will be subject to additional review and approval). Funding will support conservation agreements currently under implementation that have developed or are developing a relationship with the private sector. The implementation process of the conservation agreements should follow the steps and the requirements described in the Conservation Agreement Field Guide for Implementers (available at

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: 2 years

Eligible organization: As below

● Eligible grantees will include local, national and international NGOs interested in using conservation agreements to catalyze private sector participation in community-based conservation. These organizations will implement conservation agreements with local communities and land owners who can secure the conservation of high biodiversity areas or areas providing ecosystem services.
● Successful applications will include clear and compelling justification for how conservation agreements will support institutional strategy and help ensure sustainability of results beyond the Platform’s implementation period.
● Eligible partners must have a sound and tested financial and administrative system that will be assessed through the application process. In accordance with CI procedures, applicants must describe in detail their existing administrative and financial structures and how these structures will support effective and efficient implementation.

Submission mail:

Other important link:

How to apply:
Interested Applicants may submit a multi-year proposal (2 years) to

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