Elrha: Inviting Applications for User-centred sanitation design through rapid community engagement.

Donor Name:  Elrha
Funding name: The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF)

Funding brief: This call is part of a broader challenge around improving user-centred sanitation design through rapid community engagement.

They are looking for proposals for innovative projects that use rapid community engagement to understand the sanitation needs and practices of communities affected by emergencies and make sure that these are adequately reflected in early stage sanitation provision.

Successful applicants will work together with a Research and Evaluation Partner who will lead on the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the projects. Successful applicants will also work with a Dissemination Partner who will be responsible for ensuring that the findings of the Challenge are communicated in an engaging and effective way.

This Call is for groups or organizations interested in designing and implementing community engagement projects to inform sanitation design in emergencies. Up to five projects will be selected. Successful applicants are expected to:
● Develop a robust and innovative rapid community engagement plan to help shape sanitation design and implementation in the first stages of a rapid-onset emergency.
● Take part in a 2-day Innovation Workshop on 11-12 July 2017 to explore and improve their rapid community engagement plan.
● Develop, together with the Research and Evaluation Partner and other Community Engagement Project leads, a reliable framework to collect data on the engagement process and its impact on sanitation provision.
● Implement their community engagement plan in a rapid-onset emergency context (or in an emergency setting as similar to the intended context as possible).
● Collect data on the community engagement process and its impact on sanitation provision and use. Data from all selected projects will be collated and analyzed by the Research and Evaluation Partner and included in a Good Practice Guidance on rapid community engagement in emergencies.
● Collaborate with the Dissemination Partner to make sure the dissemination of project findings and their format is considered from the beginning of the project, and relevant data and materials (e.g. any photos, interviews, videos) are collected while on the ground.
● Produce and disseminate a summary report of findings and lessons from the rapid community engagement project.

Deadline: 31st, May, 2017

Funding details link: http://www.elrha.org/hif/funding/water-sanitation-hygiene-wash/challenges/rapid-user-driven-sanitation-challenge/sanitation-community-engagement-projects/

Funding limit: Funding of up to £100,000 per project will be made available for up to five rapid community engagement projects.

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found
Eligible organization: As below

● In order to meet the eligibility requirements for this Call, applicants are encouraged to form appropriate partnerships that cover relevant skill sets and experience.
● They welcome applications from all types of organizations, non-profit as well as for-profit, from any country.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
Guideline: http://www.elrha.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Handbook-3-%E2%80%93-Rapid-Community-Engagement-Projects-Call-Extended-timeline.pdf

How to apply:
If you’ve applied to the HIF before, login and apply (http://www.commongrantapplication.com/login.php?refOrgId=20971&refProgId=629&refProgType=all).
● If you are new to the HIF, register and apply (http://www.commongrantapplication.com/register.php?refOrgId=20971&refProgId=629&refProgType=all).


Visit all Funding opportunities: https://fundforbangladesh.wordpress.com/site-map/

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh

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