Arts Collaboratory: Inviting Applications for Open call 2018 residency opportunity in Colombia for Artists, curators, or researchers, related to Arts Collaboratory participants in Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Donor Name: Arts Collaboratory
Funding name: Open call 2018 residency opportunity in Colombia

Funding brief: The residency is based on a desire to promote knowledge exchange, the melding of social and cultural contexts, dialog, experimentation and the intersection of disciplines in order to generate collaborative processes in the host spaces. The residencies are open to diverse practices, offer a range of opportunities and seek processes that involve creative risk taking, which can expand the limits of the participant’s experiences. Applicants should be willing to engage in the host organization’s programs and documentation processes, which will be shared via the different Arts Collaboratory platforms and will serve as a basis for the development of pedagogical tools and for the presentation of the results of the residency. Upon returning to their country the resident commits to sharing their experience and knowledge with their community.

Deadline: 31st, July, 2017

Funding details link:

Funding limit: The residency includes:
● Airplane tickets, health insurance, visa.
● Logistical advice
● Lodging
● Per diem
● Production cost up to COP $3,500,000 (approx €1000)
● Artist Fee COP $3,000,000 (approx €900)

Project start date: The residencies can extend from 6 to 8 weeks between 1st, February and 30th, June, 2018.

Project duration: Not Found

Eligible organization: As below

This residency is exclusively for resident citizens from the Arts Collaboratory countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
● It welcomes proposals from diverse cultural agents, artists, writers, researchers, curators, and others interested in creative projects, research, and collaboration within the context of the four AC organizations in Colombia (Lugar a Dudas in Cali, Más Arte Más Acción in el Chocó, Casa Tres Patios and Platohedro in Medellín).
● Applications for the residency can include stays in a maximum of 2 of the organizations above.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
● About:

How to apply:
Please download the form, complete the questions and send it in a PDF file to


Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh


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