ViiV Healthcare group of companies: Inviting Applications for funding theme-a) Improving retention of breastfeeding women LWHIV on ART and b) Every Hour Matters.

Donor Name:  ViiV Healthcare group of companies
Funding name:  The Positive Action Challenges

Funding brief:  The Positive Action Challenges seeking application for the following funding call-
● Improving retention of breastfeeding women LWHIV on ART: This challenge is seeking to Identify effective solutions at the community level to improve retention of mothers living with HIV on ART through pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and beyond to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
● Every Hour Matters: This challenge is seeking to reduce barriers to post-rape care for vulnerable girls and women, including streamlining care and increasing knowledge of and access to post-rape care services including PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) and emergency contraception.

Improving retention of breastfeeding women LWHIV on ART: Concept deadline: June 30, Full Application deadline: July 14
● Every Hour Matters: Concept deadline: May 31, Full Application deadline: July 7

Funding details link:

Funding limit: Prize award amounts will vary on a Challenge-by-Challenge basis. A ‘Grand Prize’ may be awarded to any Applciant(s) that successfully meets all of the stated Challenge criteria and objecitves. The Grand Prize amount will be stated within the individual Challenge prize pages listed on the PAC Website ( ) along with any other prize awards that may be offered in association with a Challenge.

● Improving retention of breastfeeding women LWHIV on ART: Up to £80,000
● Every Hour Matters: Up to £60,000

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found
Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: Positive Action Challenges are open to any applicant (“Applicant”) who is
● an individual, age 18 years or older; or
● a group of individuals in which at least one individual is 18 years or older (individuals under 18 are eligible to participate in any Challenge unless prohibited by applicable law); or
● one or more public or private entities, including, without limitation, universities, academic institutions, not-for-profit entities and private sector organizations.
● Unless otherwise restricted by the Challenge, the Applicant may be from any geographic area.
● The Applicant must comply with these Challenge Rules and all funding rules associated with any Challenge prizes.
● The Applicant may not be a healthcare provider who is qualified to prescribe medicinal products or directly or indirectly influence the use of such products.
● In the event the Applicant is a governmental entity or a governmental employee, ViiV Healthcare reserves the right to conduct an evaluation to ensure Applicant’s eligibility with these Challenge Rules and any applicable Challenge criteria.
● In addition, ViiV Healthcare reserves the right to evaluate the eligibility of any government official or the eligibility of Applicants that reside in a jurisdiction that restricts or prohibits contests.
● The Applicant, including each individual member of an Applicant group, may not be an employee of ViiV Healthcare or any of its affiliates, a judge of the Challenge in question, or any other party involved with the design, production, execution or distribution of the Challenge or a member of the household of such an individual.
● The Applicant must not be or have a member who is currently on the Excluded Parties List maintained by the United States government.
● There is no maximum team size.
● Each Applicant must assign at least one named team leader.
● If Applicant teams include members under 18 years of age, those members are required to submit a Parent Consent Form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
PAC Website
● Challenges:
● Improving retention of breastfeeding women LWHIV on ART:
● Every Hour Matters:
● FAQ:

How to apply: There are three phases to all Challenges: Concept, Development and Judging.
● Concept Phase: Applicants will submit a concept note, providing a summary of their innovation, addressing the specific criteria described in the individual Challenge. Applicants may submit their concept directly or request input from the PAC Community to refine the concept prior to submission. All Challenge concepts submitted by the Challenge deadline will first be assessed by the Positive Action Challenges (PAC) team. The PAC team consists of three to five employees of ViiV Healthcare. Challenge concepts that, in the PAC team’s sole discretion, best meet the applicable Challenge criteria will be choosen to progress to the “Development Phase”.
● Development Phase: Those concepts that have been chosen to progress to the “Development” phase, will be invited to submit a Full Application, providing more detail about the proposed innovation. The Full Application will seek more specific details about how the proposed innovation meets the criteria of the applicable Challenge. All applicants must meet the Eligibilty requirements set forth in Section 3 below. Full Applications will be assessed for eligibility by the PAC team before being progressed to the “Judging Phase”. Applicants that do not meet the eligibility requirements in Section 3 below will not be progressed to the Judging Phase.
● Judging Phase: Eligible Full Applications will be reviewed and judged by an independent panel of judges, listed on the applicable Challenge section of the PAC Website. Judges have final discretion on the allocation of funding for prize awards. The PAC team reserves the right to withhold or withdraw prize funding in the event that winners do not meet the below eligibility criteria.
● All Challenge Entries must be submitted through the link on the PAC Website For purposes of these Challenge Rules, an “Entry / ies” includes the application form (Concept Note and/or Full Application where applicable) and all materials submitted in connection with the applicable Challenge. All Entries must be submitted in the manner and format specified on the Challenge application form. All Entries must be received by the stated deadline listed on the PAC Website and community portal for each applicable Challenge. No entry fee, purchase or payment of any kind is required to enter. Challenge Entries will not be returned to Applicants.

Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh

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