UNICEF: Inviting Applications for Meena Media Award to recognize excellence in promoting children’s issues in the media.

Donor Name: UNICEF
Award name: Meena Media Award 2017

Award brief:  Meena Media Award has stepped into the 13th year in 2017 since its launch in 2005.The award recognizes excellence in promoting children’s issues in the media.

Submissions are solicited from Bangladeshi citizens working with print and visual media in two different age groups- Under-18 and 18& above. News, articles, features, news photographs published in print/outline media and news/programmes broadcast by radio and television that investigate and explore into children’s issues or provide healthy entertainment for children are eligible to compete for the award. Entries are invited for the following 7 categories-
● Print/online Media: Reports (news reports, investigative reports, post editorials)
● Print/online Media: Creative (article, features, stories, poems)
● Visual Media: Reports including videography (news reports, investigative reports)
● Visual Media: Creative contents including videography (features, documentaries, short films, animations, plays, songs)
● Radio: Report (news reports, investigative reports)
● Radio: Creative (Features, documentaries, radio dramas, songs)
● News Photography-Online/print media

Deadline: June, 01, 2017

Award details link:  https://www.unicef.org/bangladesh/Application_form_English_Final.pdf

Award limit: For all categories prizes are:
● First Prize: A Crest, Certificate and Taka 50,000
● Second Prize: A Crest, Certificate and Taka 25,000
● Third Prize: A Crest, Certificate and Taka 15,000

Project start date: N/A
Project duration: N/A
Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: Following conditions have to be met to be eligible for the award:
● Entries should have been published/broadcast in Bangladesh between May 01, 2016 and April, 30, 2017.
● One copy of the original material has to be submitted.
● Inside the envelope please provide the application form (Page no. 2 of this document).
● Incomplete application form lead to disqualification.
● On top of the envelope following information must be written clearly or else the entry will bbe disqualified. Meena Award 2017 – [Age Group] – Category. Example: Meena Media Award 2017-Under 18-Visual Media-creative content including videography.
● The nominees only will e contacted by UNICEF. Unsolicited call will not be entertained and may lead to disqualification.
● There is no limit for an individual to submit the number of entries but only one will be awarded if more are short listed.
● UNICEF reserves the rights to make all the decisions regarding all stages of this award.
● Entries should be published/broadcast between May, 1, 2016 and April, 30, 2017.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:
Guideline (English): https://www.unicef.org/bangladesh/Application_form_English_Final.pdf
● Guideline (Bengali): https://www.unicef.org/bangladesh/Application_form_Bangla_Final.pdf

How to apply:
Submission at the following address: Meena Media Award 2017, Communicaition, Advocacy and Partnership Section, UNICEF Bangladesh, BSL Office Complex, 1, Minto Road, Dhaka-1000

Visit all Funding opportunities: 

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh

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