Government of Dubai and Dubai Municipality: Inviting Applications for award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment.

Donor Name: Government of Dubai and Dubai Municipality
Funding name: 11th Cycle of Dubai International Award for Best Practices (DIABP)

Funding brief:  The Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment.  The Award recognizes outstanding contributions that
● have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving people’s quality of life,
● are the result of effective partnerships between the public, private and civic sectors of society,
● are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Award categories scope & criteria: The major criteria for a Best Practice to be considered for the Award include:
● Impact: A best practice should demonstrate a positive and tangible impact on improving the living environment of people particularly the poor and disadvantaged.
● Sustainable Shelter and Community Development:
● Extension of safe water supply and sanitation;
● Affordable housing, services and community facilities;
● Access to land, secure tenure and finance;
● Community-based planning and participation in decision making and resource allocation;
● Inner-city core, neighbourhood and settlement revival and rehabilitation;
● Safe and healthy building materials and technologies.
● Sustainable Urban and Regional Development:
● Job creation and eradication of poverty;
● Reduction of pollution and improvement of environmental health;
● Improved access to public transport and communication;
● Improved waste collection, recycling and reuse;
● Greening of the city and effective use of public space;
● Improved production and consumption cycles, including replacement/reduction of non-renewable resources;
● Protection and conservation of natural resources and of the environment;
● More efficient energy use and production;
● Preservation of historically/culturally important sites;
● Formulation and implementation of integrated and comprehensive urban development strategies.
● Sustainable, Efficient, Accountable and Transparent Settlements Management:
● More effective and efficient administrative, management and information systems;
● Gender equality and equity in decision-making, resource-allocation and programme design and implementation;
● Crime reduction and prevention;
● Improved disaster preparedness, mitigation and reconstruction;
● Social integration and reduction of exclusion;
● Leadership in inspiring action and change, including change in public policy;
● Promotion of accountability and transparency;
● Promotion of social equality and equity;
● Improvement of inter-agency co-ordination.

Deadline: A decision has been made to extend the deadline for submissions in the 11th Cycle of Dubai International Award for Best Practices (( DIABP )) until 31st August, 2017.

Funding details link:!ut/p/a1/rZJfT4MwFMW_Ci88kl5a_pRH1E1YpqIs2eBl6WjZqqMwqcv009stS3wSXbK-NL05_d1z24NKtEClYnu5Zlq2im2P5zJY0sdsFIwTDJTkPqQZJYmbZ8nNk4vmqERlpXSnN6jgkq06G07bUigbNm0jbGiEqVRCafFugzhoobhUa6v_WDWy700jiwvGt1IJq62t0-0jtaskR4VXC0a4y5w6ELXjCew5EePYgSjCOALX9_3K2CyMTfhlxfCvKYYk-Cy4vY8TL5waKH02gnEekICOMKTBWTDgoTAmw58WcPcAkM6iMKTp1HUnHsovnHoYSMJrA_2LgZO_Ht58nHzd7crYhKg1ATlotLhiirqmoeTTeXuhQPxu_zWrm_k3dzdmkA!!/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Funding limit:
● Best Practices Award, 6 Winners, U.S.$ 30,000/- each Winner
● Best Practices Transfer Award, 2 Winners, U.S.$ 30,000/- each Winner
University Research Award, 2 Winners, U.S.$ 15,000/- each Winner
Private Sector Award, 1 Winner, A Trophy and a Commemorative Certificate especially designed for the award.
Personal Award, 1 Winner, A Trophy and a Commemorative Certificate especially designed for the award.

Project start date: N/A
Project duration: N/A
Eligible organization: As below

Eligibility: The Award is open to:
● Government organizations or agencies; including bilateral aid agencies
● National Habitat committees or Focal Points;
● Multilateral Agencies (United Nations Agencies, World Bank, etc.)
● Cities, local authorities or their associations;
● Non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
● Community-based organizations (CBOs);
● Private Sector;
● Research and academic institutions;
● Media;
● Public or Private foundations;
● Individuals are eligible for the Dubai International Award provided that they are submitting a specific initiative or project that meets the Best Practice criteria.

Submission mail: N/A

Other important link:

 How to apply:
Best Practices shall be submitted in accordance with the reporting format. (Please see Annex I).
● The reporting format is available on the Internet and can be downloaded from the following websites:  or .
● Submissions shall be made in English. Submissions in any other language should be accompanied by an English translation. Submitters are strongly advised not to use machine translation.
● Submitters are encouraged to include the following supporting materials (optional):
Articles about the practice appearing in newspapers, professional journals, newsletters or other publications;
● Digital standard format videos less than 10 minutes in length;
● Photographs and/or other graphic material;
● Brochures or other promotional material.
● You may wish to provide us with supporting materials of your initiative including: Professional photographs, videos cassettes, CD-Rom, video CD, DVD and printing material depicting the situation before, during and after the initiative was implemented. You can upload your photographs or attachments along with your submission through the website of the award and it is preferable if it is in PDF, MS Word or JPG format and the pictures should be not less than 300 DPI. As for the DVDs or film materials, you are kindly requested to send it independently to our postal address or through courier on the following addresses:Dubai Municipality P. O. Box: 67 Dubai, UAE Tel: (971 4) 2064450/2215555 Fax: (971 4) 2246666/7033690 Email:  Web:  and  UN-HABITAT P.O. Box 30030 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: (254 20) 7624981/7623342 Fax: (254 20) 7623080/ 7624266/ 7624267 Email:  Web: ; .


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