Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI): Inviting Applications for forming SIANI Expert Groups to Promote Sustainable Agriculture.

Donor Name: Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI)
Funding name: Expert Group proposals 2017/18

Funding brief: Expert Groups are manageable interdisciplinary groups whose purpose is to support dialogues that capture, develop, consolidate and communicate knowledge on emerging issues contributing to SIANI’s vision. SIANI Expert groups widen the network by nurturing  interaction between the Swedish resource base and SIANI connections across the World.Expert Groups have shown that they are an important tool in facilitating cross-sector work, and make a large contribution to the SIANI platform – moving toward the realization of sustainable agriculture, food security , improved  nutrition and the ending of    hunger.

SIANI Expert Groups are cross-sector working groups established around SIANI’s vision and mission:
● SIANI’s overall vision is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #2 and is to: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture”.
● SIANI’s mission is to: “Promote a multi-sector dialogue, with participation from academia, the private sector, Swedish authorities and civil society surrounding SDG 2”.

Criteria: All      proposals         must    clearly  demonstrate    how     the       proposed         group will        deliver on gender equality           and how          its        activities          contribute to the          alleviation        of         poverty.                        In         addition,          proposals         should clearly  fit under          one      of         the       following            focus   areas    of the   SIANI programme:
● Rural transformation
● Agricultural production and trade
● Landscape management
● Climate change, resilience,        peace   and      conflict
● Nutrition and health

Deadline: 15th, July, 2017

Funding details link: http://www.siani.se/news/open-call-new-siani-expert-groups?utm_content=buffer13e41&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Funding limit: The budget should be broken down in the annual work plan, and will be assessed against activities and contributions from the group members. In general, it is expected funded time for individuals and travel costs will not comprise a significant proportion of the budget. Coordination of an Expert Group will be compensated on a time-limited basis.

Special Notes: Please contact with the donor for further clarification.

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: The initial funding period for Expert Groups is 12 months

Eligible organization: As below

The main target audiences for the expert groups are: SIANI members, policy makers, Swedish Resource Base (SRB) and partners in developing countries.
● Expert Groups do not need to be geographically located in Sweden, but should demonstrate engagement with Swedish funded activities and institutions.
Expert groups with strong reciprocal partnerships with organizations in low-income countries will be encouraged.
● Expert groups should be comprised of actors from a diverse range of sectors, e.g. the private sector, civil society, government and/or public sector, International NGOs and academia/research. Participation in Expert Groups is voluntary and open to all SIANI members.
● Participants in Expert Groups can be either via organizational affiliation, or on an individual basis

Submission mail: ekaterina.bessonova@sei-international.org

Other important link:
Guideline: http://www.siani.se/sites/clients.codepositive.com/files/document/tor_for_expert_groups_17_18.pdf
● Form: http://www.siani.se/sites/clients.codepositive.com/files/document/siani_expert_group_concept_note_template_matthew_fieldings_conflicted_copy_2016-12-07.doc

How to apply:
● If you have an interest in leading anExpert   Group,  you will first need    to prepare a short concept note to submit to the SIANI secretariat.This will be initially reviewed by the Secretariat and if approved, the group lead will be required to fully develop a proposal consisting of an annualwork plan including intended activities with approximated   timeline, outputs and outcomes. Change of the outputs during the project is possible, but cannot be done without consultation with the SIANI Secretariat.This annual work plan will be reviewed during a SIANI steering committee meeting. SIANI Steering  Committee meets several times per year and,among otherthings, selects the Expert Groups for funding.SIANI will provide funds for activities as stated in the work plan.The initial funding period for Expert Groups is 12 months. Upon satisfactory completion of the work plan it is possible to re-apply for further funds in the second-phase competitive process.
● Interested applicant may apply through the email (ekaterina.bessonova@sei-international.org).


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