Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Inviting Applications to contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries.

Donor Name: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Funding name: Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle (DRIVE)

Funding brief: The overall objective of DRIVE is to contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries. DRIVE supports investments in expansion and/or quality improvement of public infrastructure, which improve the development of the private sector by promoting entrepreneurship, productivity, employment opportunities, and lifting wages.

DRIVE promotes investments in public infrastructure which contribute to private sector development in the following priority sectors: food security, water, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and climate. Public infrastructure with high development relevance in other sectors also can apply for DRIVE support.

Types of financial support: The financial DRIVE support can include:
A grant up front together with a commercial loan (the total financing needs to be concessional)
A 100% commercial loan made concessional by paying the cost of the loan (interest, premiums, insurance) with DRIVE subsidy
The same as the previous one, but when not enough to reach the minimum level of concessionality, DRIVE can also contribute for a part of the loan itself

Deadline: Not Found

Funding details link:

Funding limit: For the period 2017 a commitment budget of 150 million euros is available. The budget is fixed each year by means of publication in the Government Gazette. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( deals with applications in order of submission, based on the date of receipt of a complete application. Projects are sized between 5 million and 60 million euros (including financing costs).

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found

Eligible organization:
DRIVE is open for application from companies across the globe unless the country where the company is located and the sector in which it operates are subject to UN or EU sanctions.
Entrepreneurs who wish to qualify for a public infrastructure construction contract in one of the DRIVE countries may submit applications for DRIVE.

Eligibility: As above

Submission mail:

Other important link:
Country list:
● Manual for DRIVE application procedure:

How to apply: DRIVE is intended for companies planning to participate in a tender for the realisation of infrastructure. In case a foundation, an association, or a company in incorporation wants to apply for a DRIVE subsidy, a careful assessment will be needed of all basic requirements for the lead applicant, as specified in the tender documents (going to be) published by the tendering authority.

 The application process consists of three 3 subsequent steps.
● Step 1 (not mandatory though strongly advised): Fill out the Quick Scan form, enter your specific project idea here and send it to . They will be in touch with you as soon as possible. The financing specialist at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will examine the Quick Scan of your plan and issue a recommendation on initiating the intake procedure.
● Step 2 (required): The intake procedure takes at least two months. During this period they will assess whether your project meets the requirements of development relevance and ICSR (among other things), and we will advise you in designing a financial arrangement.
● Step 3 (required): If your project meets all requirements, you will be eligible to submit an official application. The application process takes about two months. A decision will be made on whether you will receive DRIVE funding no later than two weeks before closing of the tendering procedure.

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