Japan Water Forum: Inviting Applications to contribute to ensuring access to water and sanitation in developing countries.

Donor Name: Japan Water Forum
Funding name: Darvish Yu Water Fund

Funding brief: The objectives of the fund are to contribute to ensuring access to water and sanitation in developing countries.

Darvish, a Japanese professional baseball pitcher (Texas Rangers),  donates 100,000 JPY to this fund at each of his wins. Individuals are also welcome to make donation. The fund awards grants to grass-roots organizations in developing countries.

Water-related projects that provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities at the grass-roots level such as:
● Construction of wells/ rainwater harvesting tanks,
● Development of simple water supply systems, and
● Construction/ upgrading of sanitation facilities

Deadline: Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Funding details link: http://www.waterforum.jp/en/2017/0414/?p=4987

Funding limit: Grant is up to 4,000 USD per project.

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found

Eligible organization: Any organization that has been working at the grass-roots level aiming at addressing water-related issues in developing countries is eligible to apply.

Eligibility: As above

Submission mail: office@waterforum.jp

Other important link:
Guideline: http://www.waterforum.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Darvish-Yu-Water-Fund-Guidelines-2017.pdf
● Form: http://www.waterforum.jp/en/2017/0414/?p=4987

How to apply:To apply for the project, please use and fill out the prescribed application form (available at http://www.waterforum.jp/en/2017/0414/?p=4987) and send the electronic data of the filled application form to Japan Water Forum (office@waterforum.jp) by e-mail.

Visit all Funding opportunities: 

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh

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