Club300: Inviting Applications for bird protection projects all around the world.

Donor Name: Club300
Funding name: Club300 Bird Protection Grant

Funding brief: Since 1991 the Swedish Club300 has contributed more than USD600,000 to bird protection projects all around the world. Projects that have supported include conservation and research on many rare, threatened or little known species like Guerney’s Pitta, Hawaiian Crow, Pale-headed Brush-finch, Puaiohi and Sumatran Ground Cuckoo.

The majority of the contributions come directly from their Swedish members. The foundation is also distributing funds collected at bird fairs, or donated by persons or associations. During the last five years they have on average donated around USD 8,000 annually. Since their funds are limited the focus is to contribute money to highly threatened or poorly known species.

Criteria: Only applications concerning projects aimed at birds listed as Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN), Extinct in the Wild (EW) or Data Deficient (DD) on the IUCN Red List of threatened species are eligible for funding. These categories comprise about 590 of the worlds most threatened or least known species. A list of these species can be generated on the Birdlife International Data zone ( Ongoing projects that receive or previously have received support from Club300 are accepted from the above criterion.

Deadline: Applications for each year must be received by July 31st.

Funding details link:

Funding limit: The maximum annual amount granted to a single project is USD 5,000.

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: Not Found
Eligible organization: Not Found
Eligibility: Not Found

Submission mail:

Other important link:
● Birdlife International Data zone (

How to apply:
● Applications are only accepted as a single PDF file sent via e-mail to Club300 Bird Protection (
● The application must be written in English or Swedish and contain a maximum of five pages.


Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh



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