Ekhaga foundation (Ekhagastiftelsen): Inviting Applications to support scientific research in organic agriculture and complementary and biological medicine.

Donor Name: Ekhaga foundation (Ekhagastiftelsen)
Funding name: Scientific Research in Organic Agriculture and Complementary and Biological Medicine Fund

Funding brief: Ekhagastiftelsen (Ekhaga foundation) was founded by Gösta Videgård as early as 1944 and since then we support scientific research in organic agriculture and complementary and biological medicine.

Deadline: May, 20th, 2017

Funding details link: http://www.ekhagastiftelsen.se/eng/

Funding limit: There is no maximum amount that can be applied for. Please note that in the last years the total amount awarded has been in the range 5-10 million SEK. Usually between 10 and 20 projects receive funding each year. The largest amount ever awarded has been 1 500 000 SEK (for the complete application – not for one year).

Project start date: Not Found
Project duration: As above
Eligible organization: As below

● Ekhagastiftelsen does not have any restrictions regarding from which country an application can come.
● For applications that do not come from Europe or North America we require that you have a cooperation with a swedish institution. The partner must be involved in the research project. Please be sure to describe the details of the cooperation.
● They do not have any formal requirements that applications can only come from institutions (universities, colleges, research institutions, etc.).

Submission mail: info@ekhagastiftelsen.se

Other important link:
Form: http://www.ekhagastiftelsen.se/eng/bilagor/Formular2017-2Eng.pdf
● Application Data Set: http://www.ekhagastiftelsen.se/eng/bilagor/Applicationdatasheet.xlsx
● Instruction: http://www.ekhagastiftelsen.se/eng/bilagor/anvisningarEng.pdf
● Check list: http://www.ekhagastiftelsen.se/eng/bilagor/checklistaEng.pdf

How to apply:
The application can be made in Swedish or English, but it is probably an advantage to write in Swedish if possible.
● The project description including any appendices and supplements has to be sent as one (1) PDF-file.
● The project description should include a section with a detailed budget of the project.
● There is no budget template and the applicants have to create their own budget chart and information based on the information below regarding which expenses we accept and which budget information we ask for. It is allowed to the detailed budget in other currencies than SEK (Swedish krona) provided that budget summary in the project description and the application form states costs in SEK.
Applications must be sent by e-mail to info@ekhagastiftelsen.se. The signed application form must be sent by regular mail to Ekhagastiftelsen. NOTE! Messenger or courier services can not deliver to Post Office Boxes. If you want to deliver the application personally or by courier, please contact us by e-mail or by phone (+46 70 240 81 81) at least one week before the deadline.


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