Making Cents International and USAID: Inviting Applications for the funding theme- Advancing the Evidence Base for Youth Civic Engagement in Effective Peace building or in Countering / Prevention of Violent Extremism.

Donor Name: Making Cents International and USAID
Funding name: YouthPower Learning Grants
RFA Number: YouthPower Learning Grants RFA#003-2017

Funding brief: Making Cents International under the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded contract YouthPower Learning is launching a request for applications: YouthPower Learning Grants for Advancing the Evidence Base for Youth Civic Engagement in Effective Peacebuilding or Mitigating Violent Extremism.

YouthPower Learning is a five year contract funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Making Cents International and its subcontractors. USAID YouthPower Learning generates and disseminates knowledge about the implementation and impact of PYD and cross-sectoral approaches in international development. The project leads research, evaluations, and events designed to build the evidence base. Concurrently, YouthPower Learning employs expertise in learning and knowledge sharing to promote engagement and inform the global community about how to successfully help transition young people into productive, healthy adults.

Objective: The objective of the YouthPower Learning’s grant program is to engage US and developing country youth-serving and youth-led non-profit and for-profit organizations in efforts to further assess, evaluate, document, and disseminate innovative work in positive youth development (PYD) and cross-sectoral youth programming. YouthPower defines PYD in the following fashion:
Positive Youth Development engages youth, along with their families, communities and/or governments, so that youth are empowered to reach their full potential. PYD approaches build skills, assets and competencies; foster healthy relationships; strengthen the environment; and transform systems.

Deadline: April 13, 2017, 21:00 GMT

Funding details link:

Funding limit: Making Cents anticipates awarding up to US$240,000 through up to six individual grant awards of up to US$40,000 each (or local currency equivalent for non-US organizations). The final amount will be dependent upon grant activities and final negotiation and may not be lower than $15,000 and not higher than US$40,000 each (or local currency equivalent for non-US organizations).

Project start date: The estimated start date of grants awarded under this solicitation is June, 2017.

Project duration: The duration of any grant award under this solicitation is expected to be no more than twelve months.

Eligible organization: The following types of organizations located in the United States and developing countries (Geographic Code 935 see 22 CFR 228.03) may apply for funding under this RFA:
US and non-US non-profit organizations.
Institutions of higher education.
Charitable or private foundations.
Privately owned enterprises or firms.
Research or policy institutes.

Making Cents encourages: applications from new organizations who meet the above eligibility criteria; youth-led organizations to apply as lead applicants; and youth engagement in the research effort.

1. Grants will only be made to the responsible applicants able to demonstrate that they:
Are legally-organized as one of the above types of organizations.
Represent objectives that are consistent with the broad objectives of the YouthPower
Learning Project.
Are able to be an active partner in all aspects of activity implementation and capacity building activities.
Do not appear on the “Lists of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Non procurement Programs” ( or on the master list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, maintained by US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) available at
Are not designated by United Nations Security Sanctions Committee established under UNSC Resolution 1267 (1999) (the “1267 Committee”) [individuals and entities linked to the Taliban, Usama bin Laden, or the Al Qaida Organization]; and
Display sound management in the form of financial, administrative, and technical policies and procedures and present a system of internal controls that safeguard assets; protect against fraud, waste, and abuse; and support the achievement of program goals and objectives. Making Cents will assess this capability prior to awarding a grant.
Are in good standing with all civil and fiscal authorities (e.g., not declared insolvent).
Possess financial accountability and maintain detailed records of all expenses.
Will not charge a fee or receive profit under the grant agreement.

Are willing to sign applicable assurances, statements and certifications prior to receiving a grant, including:
Certification Regarding Terrorist Financing (Required for all grants)
Certification Of Recipient (Required for all grants)
Certification Regarding Lobbying (Required for all grants)
Assurance of Compliance with Laws and Regulations Governing Non- Discrimination in Federally Assisted Programs (This certification applies to non-US organizations if any part of the proposed program will be undertaken in the US)

  1. Making Cents will work with the successful grantees to draft a branding strategy and marketing plan which will be annexed to the grant agreement.
  2. For any grant award(s) resulting from this solicitation that is other than in-kind and equivalent to $25,000 USD or more, grantees will be required to provide a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number at the time of award. If the applicant already has a DUNS number it should be included in their application. Otherwise, applicants will be expected to obtain a DUNS number before an award is made. DUNS numbers can be obtained online at:
  3. All U.S. Government recipients are required to be registered with the U.S. Federal Contractor Registration, formerly Central Contractor Registration (CCR), which was the U.S. Government repository into entities must provide information required for the conduct of business with the Government. The CCR is now incorporated into the System for Award Management (SAM). Information about registration procedures may be found at Applicants may submit applications under this RFA without SAM Registration. However, the apparently successful applicant will be required to register and must submit evidence of registration to Making Cents. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to register with SAM early so that, if selected, award will not be delayed.

Submission mail:

Other important link:

How to apply: The interested applicants who meet the eligibility criteria should prepare and submit an application (Annex A) in English of not more than fifteen (15) pages, excluding required attachments. The application should be accompanied by a budget (Annex B).

In addition to the application and the budget documents, applicants should submit the following:
An implementation plan, using Annex C as the template;
Signed and dated Required Certifications (Annex D);
Applicant Self-Assessment (Annex E);
A copy of their latest audited financial statements (or NICRA, if applicable); and
A copy of the applicant’s valid legal registration.

Grant applications must be submitted to the Point of Contact in Section 4.E in electronic copy in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format. Budget documents should be submitted in Microsoft Excel.

This RFA will remain open until April 13, 2017, 21:00 GMT. Applications must reach the designated Point of Contact ( on or before the above mentioned deadline.


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