Australian Government: Inviting Applications for award to connect, mobilize and celebrate development innovators amongst the Australia Awards alumni in the region.

Donor Name: Australian Government
Award name: Alumni Innovation Challenge

Award brief: Australia Awards South and West Asia conducts one Regional Alumni Workshop each year. Each workshop is intended to be uniquely conceived to focus either on a particular sector or on participants from a particular interest group. This will be the third such workshop that the Program has organized, after the Women in Leadership Workshop in Colombo in November 2015, and the Inclusive Education Workshop in Kathmandu in November 2016.

Regional Alumni Workshops present an opportunity for alumni to present their work, share their Experiences with peers formally and informally, and build and strengthen relevant professional networks across the region. This extends the alumni experience beyond the national level and brings an enhanced professional development aspect to alumni engagement.

The Australia Awards South and West Asia Alumni Innovation Challenge is designed to connect, mobilize and celebrate development innovators amongst the Australia Awards alumni in the region.

Through this activity, Australia Awards alumni from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are invited to submit proposals to receive a small grant with which to pilot a development innovation in any Australian Government priority area. The innovation could be related to advocacy, development and/or implementation of new practices, or new processes, approaches or technologies that strengthen existing systems. Applications can be from individuals or groups of Australia Awards alumni. Applications from groups comprising alumni from different South and West Asian countries will be considered favorably. Each grant will be worth a maximum of AUD 3,000. Up to five proposals from each country will receive a grant – making a potential total of 35 innovations being piloted.

The Program has partnered with BRAC’s Social Innovation Lab, and Ashoka Bangladesh, to arrange a mentor system in which each selected grantee will be linked with a mentor who can advise and support the grantee to pilot their development innovation. Mentors will also be selected from the Australia Awards global alumni and other Program partners.

Objective: The Alumni Innovation Challenge and Regional Alumni Workshop 2017 is designed to:
● Enable the selected Australia Awards alumni to pilot their innovations by providing them financial, networking, and mentoring support;
● Foster linkages between development innovators amongst the Australia Awards alumni in the South and West Asia region;
● Provide a professional development opportunity for grantees to present their development Innovations, and be exposed to other development innovations from the region;
● Provide an opportunity for Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Posts to examine and select development innovations for further funding and mentoring from the Australia Development Accelerator, managed by InnovationXchange for DFAT Posts;
● Form a Community of Practice for development innovators from South and West Asia.

Deadline: Wednesday 19 April 2017

Award details link:

Award limit: AUD 3,000

Project start date: The proposed activity may begin as soon as May 2017 and must be completed by October 15 2017.

Project duration:
As above
Eligible organization: As below

 Eligibility: Alumni may apply for a small grant either as individuals, or as groups consisting of two to five alumni. Applications from groups comprising alumni from different countries in the region will be viewed favorably. To be eligible for a small grant and to participate in the Regional Alumni Workshop, alumni must meet the following criteria:
● Be an Australia Awards alumnus, from either:
● the DFAT-funded Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Fellowships, or Short Course Awards;
● the former AusAID-funded Australian Development Scholarships, and/or Australian Leadership Awards programs, (or earlier programs like the Colombo Plan, John Crawford Scholarship Scheme, or Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB) Scholarships);
● the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships Program; or
● the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research Scholarships Program.
● Be registered on the Australia Global Alumni Website at the time of application:
● Be residing in, and intend to use the grant to pilot an innovative activity in an Australian Government priority sector in one of the seven participating program countries;
● Agree to participate in a Fraud Management and Child Protection briefing prior to receiving the grant, and use and acquit the grant according to DFAT and Program guidelines provided during the briefing;
● Be available to travel to Bangladesh for the Regional Alumni Workshop and have a reasonable expectation that they will be released by their employer to attend the Workshop.

 Eligible activities: Grants can be used for the following-
● Piloting new and innovative technologies, designs, or approaches that have potential to contribute to national or regional development;
Organizing in-country professional workshops or short training courses, focusing on innovative activities in Australian Government priority sectors, to share knowledge/skills gained in Australia;
Advocacy activities aimed at improving community awareness of issues relevant to advancing development in Australian Government priority sectors;
Piloting new technologies, designs or approaches that have the potential to empower women and girls, people from traditionally marginalized groups, and/or people with a disability;
Supporting in-country small scale development activity, which contributes towards the development of one or more Australian Government development priorities;
Activities that will further foster people-to-people links between Australia and countries in the South and West Asia region.

Submission mail:

Other important link:
Guideline: ●
● Currency conversion:
● DFAT’s Fraud Control and Anti-Corruption Plan:
● DFAT’s Fraud Policy Statement:
● Fraud and Anti-Corruption Guidance for DFAT Partners:
● Child Protection Policy 2017:
● Register:

 How to apply:
The application form is presented below. This document can also be downloaded from the Australia Awards South and West Asia website at . Applicants must complete the Application Form, Activity Work Plan Template (Annex 1); Budget Template (Annex 2); and Application Checklist (Annex 3) and submit them, along with relevant supporting documentation to by Wednesday 19 April 2017. Applications received after this date will not be accepted. Applications should be typewritten on A4-sized paper and be no more than eight pages long (excluding annexes). When presenting the Budget, please provide a breakdown of budget items where applicable. Applicants – either individuals or groups – can only submit one proposal for this initiative.


Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh


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